Sony is offering free Apple TV Plus subscriptions for PS5 owners

Apple TV Plus has some of the most underrated exclusive TV shows available today, with more coming in the months ahead.

Apple TV+ has only been around for less than two years, but Apple definitely isn't joking around with its plans for the service. During that span, the tech giant has added a steady dose of exclusive TV series and films, with there now being more than enough content to last you several months of subscription.

For All Mankind is an excellent space drama that offers an alternative take on history should the Soviet Union have won the space race.

Of course, just because there are binge-watch-worthy Apple TV Plus shows now, that doesn't mean you should just shell out your money like that.

Especially not when there are ways to get an Apple TV+ subscription for free.

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How to get a free Apple TV Plus subscription if you have a PS5

Apple TV Plus has to be the most underrated streaming service available today.

With Jon Stewart dropping the first trailer for his return to the small screen in a little over half a decade, now is the perfect time to see what else Apple's streaming service has to offer.

If you don't feel like spending more for another subscription that you might not like, don't worry. Apple and Sony have got you covered. The two tech companies have teamed up to offer PlayStation 5 owners half a year's worth of free Apple TV+.

The best part is that it applies to existing customers too.

All you have to do to get your free Apple TV Plus subscription is download the streaming service's app on your PS5, sign in using an Apple ID, and that's it. Considering that most people already own an iPhone and use their Apple ID to register for other subscriptions whenever it is possible, you shouldn't have any problem getting your freebie.

Of course, as is always the case with similar promotions, you'll need to remember to cancel at least a month before the six-month free period ends if you don't want to continue. Otherwise, you're going to find yourself charged in full for the next month.

It looks like Sony is taking a page out of Microsoft's playbook and doing its rival one better.

Any PS5 owner can avail of this offer and have access until July 22, 2022, which is a fairly long time to decide. If nothing else, you can try and see what Apple TV Plus has to offer, which has the likes of Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Mythic Quest, and others, all of which are well worth watching.

Unfortunately, this only rubs salt on the wound of those who haven't gotten a PS5 yet due to the shortage.

Hopefully, Sony will have finished restocking store shelves with more PS5 units in the coming months as the holiday season draws near. Then again, we shouldn't get our hopes too high yet. Sony also confirmed that the shortage might last well into 2022 (if not 2023).

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