Fortnite's Black Hole Coming Back Pre-Season 5

Not necessarily literally, mind you, but some dataminers think that the end of Season 4 of Fortnite will include an event that rivals the notorious black hole at the end of Chapter 1.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is weaving its licensee relationship with pop-culture titan Disney even closer by making popular Marvel character central to new content, and Galactus himself may come to gobble up the island at the end of the month.

Fortnite Season 4 will conclude on the 1st of December, but according to several game files the next season may not start until the 3rd, leading many to suspect that there will once again be some downtime. When the Black Hole swallowed the Fortnite map in Chapter 1, players were unable to actually play Fortnite for a good two days.

The finale event for Season 4 will definitely involve the immense - both physically and in popularity - Marvel villain and sometimes hero (comics are weird!) Galactus, who is best known for his silly hat, eating planets and not being a weird space vortex like in the live-action movie. The implication of the world-eater being present during an end-of-season showdown are pretty clear.

Luckily speculation isn't the only thing suggesting this may happen. What players keep referring to as the Black Hole was internally called The End, and was the largest event in Fortnite based on file size. Season 4's finale is almost ten times larger judging by the files that are already preloaded.

Trying to make sense of code and filename references is always a tricky business, so data miners and leakers can't quite agree whether the expected downtime will merely be 10 hours or a longer period of 36 hours once Season 4 concludes. They have, however, dug up some text reading "To be continued in Season 5" that will be displayed in-game.

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There are also several file references that are identical to the lobby version of The End, named RockyRidge. This further reinforces the theory that a similar downtime-inducing event can be expected. Either way, we'll have to wait and see!

Fortnite Season 4 concludes on the 1st of December, with Season 5 launching soon after.

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