Fortnite Xtravaganza Challenge Guide: Stark Industries Semi Truck

The Xtravaganza Challenges are a fantastic way for Fortnite Battle Royale players to crunch XP fast and power through the ranks to unlock various Battle Pass goodies. One of the tougher, and therefore more rewarding, challenges involves driving a truck to the Stark Industries building - let's take a look at how you can pull this off.

Finding the Truck

Before you can deliver the truck in question, you've got to actually find the vehicle before someone else nicks it. There are three spawn locations, both near Upstate New York - one is between coordinates F4 and G4, sitting on a bridge facing the large raised circle.

Unfortunately, not voiced by Peter Cullen.

The second location is just southwest of the Stark Industries building on the road passing through the corner of E4. The third is the easiest one, since it is already on the raised Upstate New York area in E2 on a bridge.

Delivering the Truck

With other players out for blood - or for the truck itself - this is the tricky part. Depending on which truck you took, the best path towards the Stark Industries building changes.

The first spawn is about average in terms of difficulty. When you grab the van, you'll need to turn it around and drive into the rift that spawns right behind it whenever someone sits inside. This rift will spit you out above Upstate New York, from where you just need to follow the road and dodge rivals to get to Stark Industries.

Here's your final destination

The second spawn is the hardest to deliver, with a bit of offroading needed! Follow the road straight ahead where the truck is found until it ends in the sheer cliff face, and turn left to drive up the precarious ledge until you reach a stream. Follow the bank of the stream until you reach one of the roads on Upstate New York and head on over to Stark Industries.

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The third spawn is by far the easiest, located on the elevated landmass already and near a road, so you don't need to do anything special aside from hurrying along to Stark Industries.

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