Fortnite-themed skins for Destiny 2 leaked by dataminers

Skins for the popular characters Omega, Dark Knight, and Drift will be available during a crossover event.

Last weekend, the Fortnite dataminer @MidaRado, teased a collaboration event between the game and Destiny 2. Fans were expecting to have Destiny 2 skins launched in Fortnite as part of an event.

A collaboration event for Destiny 2 and Fortnite has been leaked.
A collaboration event for Destiny 2 and Fortnite has been leaked.

Today, a dataminer confirmed the collaboration between Fortnite and Destiny 2.

Popular Destiny 2 dataminer, @GinsorKR, uploaded a photo of the popular Fortnite skins with the caption "Fortnite Destiny confirmed." The photo shows each of the three Destiny 2 main classes wearing Fortnite skins.

The leak comes just days before Bungie, the maker of Destiny 2, is scheduled to reveal the next major update for the game, Lightfall, on August 23 at 9:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM ET.

The skins

Drift is coming to Destiny 2.
Drift is coming to Destiny 2.

The three main classes in Destiny 2 are the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. Meanwhile, each one has four subclasses that players can choose as a specialty.

The Titan class are the tanks of Destiny 2 and feature armor-based abilities. In the leaked photos, we can see the Titan wearing the legendary Black Knight skin, a Season 2-exclusive skin.

On the other hand, the Hunter class operates as lone wolves and are the marksmen of Destiny 2. We can see that the Hunter is wearing the Omega skin, which was the tier 100 reward for the Season 4 Battle Pass for Fortnite.

Finally, the Warlock is the support class of Destiny 2 that can heal and augment the speed of allies. The photos show that the Warlock is wearing a max-level Drift skin from Fortnite Season 5.

The collaboration

This is one of the few times that Fortnite will collaborate and appear in another game and not the other way around. It remains unclear how Destiny 2 players can obtain the Fortnite skins, but we're hoping that Bungie will reveal this soon.

Most insiders believe that players can unlock the skins thru limited-time challenges or as a reward for the completion of special missions. Also, if Fortnite is appearing in Destiny 2, many take this as a sign that we will see Destiny 2 skins in Fortnite soon.

The Destiny 2 showcase

Bungie is set to reveal details of the Lightfall expansion at the annual Destiny 2 Showcase event.
Bungie is set to reveal details of the Lightfall expansion at the annual Destiny 2 Showcase event.

Bungie will reveal details about the upcoming Lightfall expansion during the Destiny 2 event. Fans are also expecting an update to the game's roadmap until at least 2024. Destiny 2's latest season, Season 18, will also begin on the same day as the showcase. We'll likely be hearing more about the upcoming season by then as well.

The annual showcase event will serve as the first showcase for Destiny following the Sony acquisition earlier this year, which was finalized last month.

Bungie will remain an independent studio under Sony and will continue to offer Destiny 2 as a multiplatform game. Sony hopes to tap on the experience of Bungie in multiplatform development and as a live game service provider.

You can watch the event from the official Destiny 2 Youtube channel.

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