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Fortnite Thanos Skin Reportedly Coming in Season 5

Leaks suggest that Thanos will finally make his return to Fortnite and as a purchasable skin, no less, this time around.

If the recent leaks are to be believed, it seems that the mad titan Thanos is set to make a return to Fortnite before Season 5 ends.

However, unlike before when Thanos was available as a playable character in the game during the Fortnite x Avengers event back in 2018, the current rumors suggest that Thanos will be available as an obtainable skin sold via the in-game item shop.

As mentioned earlier, Fortnite has had a good history with their Avengers crossover events.

The aforementioned Fortnite X Avengers crossover prior to the release of Avengers: Infinity War as the game's first-ever crossover event even. Although the game has had multiple crossover events since then, many longtime fans remember that particular event fondly.

The sheer audacity to allow players to transform into the mad titan himself and destroy everyone in the lobby was something that came out of the proverbial left field.

The other Avengers crossover event released prior to Avengers: Endgame was also well-received.

When Will the Fortnite Thanos Skin Be Added?

There's no clear date as of yet as Epic Games themselves haven't confirmed the skin's existence.

The leaks, however, are coming from a legitimate source.

Fortnite data miner, Mang0e, was the first to suggest that a Fortnite Thanos skin was coming. He argues that the v15.40 patch added an animation for an extra large male skin. He adds that Thanos is the only XL male skin available in the game, which does help add credence to the claims.

Of course, we've no actual announcement to go on that actually confirms the theory. For now, all we have to go on is the fact that a data miner saw this and, well, that Season 5 has seen far more crossovers come to Fortnite than before.

Because of this, it is indeed possible that Epic Games will bring back the mad titan as a Bounty Hunter in the game in Season 5.

Not to mention, unlike before, Epic Games has added numerous XL skins in the past. For example, Big Chuggus or Rippley, are both just as big if not slightly bigger than Thanos.

Hopefully, Epic Games releases an official statement or announcement soon enough.



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