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Fortnite Switch Performance Improves Thanks to New Update

According to Epic, the latest update will let Fortnite players enjoy smoother frame rates and a higher resolution on the Nintendo Switch.

It's been nearly 3 years since Epic Games launched Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch. Since then, fans have found themselves more disappointed than satisfied. As of the moment, the game runs much more smoothly on the Nintendo Switch than it did at launch. However, it took Epic years of trying to fix bugs and issues to make this happen.

Still, despite their efforts, Fornite players continue to report issues on the Nintendo Switch. Among the most prevalent problems are low frame rates and low resolution. This is especially evident when playing Fortnite in handheld mode.

Thanks to the latest update though, fans can expect the Fortnite Switch performance to improve by a huge margin.

Epic Delivering a String of Good News

Perhaps to address the growing competition to Fortnite, Epic has been doing a lot of things to help further improve Fortnite. The latest update is just one of the many, but it's also arguably the most significant, especially for those playing the game on the Nintendo Switch.

According to Epic, the update will help improve the resolution that Fortnite plays at without affecting performance. Previously, Fortnite ran at 1000x560 (handheld) and 1390x780 (docked). Moving forward, Epic now claims Fortnite will run at 1170x660 (handheld) and 1560x880 (docked).

In addition to this, the update will also help decrease the file size and make framerate dips less frequent. This will reportedly result in a smoother overall gameplay experience.

The big takeaway here is the resolution bump. It's significant, even if you take into account that Fortnite will still utilize variable resolution. Apparently, Epic accomplished this feat by making use of the available resources on the Nintendo Switch. But, only time will tell if the optimizations Epic did is enough.

The new update comes at a perfect time.

A lot of crossover content is set to make its way to Fortnite. There are also rumors that there is far more content currently in development as well. Already, Chapter 2 Season 6 is off to a good start with Fortnite introducing a completely different map with new mechanics such as animal taming.

For all their faults, Epic has done a great job at making Fortnite run as well as it does on the Nintendo Switch.

The ability to play mainstream titles on a handheld console seemed like a pipedream just a decade ago. However, since it launched, Nintendo's newest portable console has received ports of some of the biggest games out there. This includes everything from Skyrim to Witcher 3 and, of course, Fortnite.

Unfortunately, this decision to port games developed for more powerful consoles to a significantly weaker one hasn't always gone well.

Throughout the years, the performance discrepancy of games on the Nintendo Switch compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been well documented. However, that hasn't stopped developers from doing it - ;eaving them to try and find ways to downgrade their games without adversely affecting gameplay.

Hopefully, what Epic did can help mitigate the competitive disadvantage that Switch owners have over other platform players in Fortnite.



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