Fortnite Season 6 - Hunter's Cloak Crafting Guide

Answer the call of the wild with the Hunter's Cloak, one of the new craftable items in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6. The content of the new season has a pretty primal theme, and brought some traditional survival game elements to Fortnite Battle Royale - a funny twist of fate, considering the roots of the game. Here's how to craft this early item!

Crafting the Hunter's Cloak is a requirement for one of the seasonal challenges, making it not only a great introduction to the new crafting mechanic that defines the new meta, but also a necessary element of your progression. Luckily, it isn't particularly difficult to make.

How does crafting work in Fortnite Season 6?

You can harvest materials by hunting wildlife.

Crafting is awfully simple in Fortnite, and will cause no confusion to anyone who played other titles with a crafting element - you have various items that you can create, all of which require a specific list of materials. Once you have these materials, you hit the Craft button and voil√°, your character McGuyvered the object out in the field.

Gathering the right materials is where the challenge comes in, since these will mostly drop from the NPC wildlife that now inhabits the map. You'll need to hunt these creatures down and loot the materials from them, but be careful - not only are they a danger in and of themselves, but if you are busy hunting wolves you might not spot an enemy player coming to get you.

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What do you need for the Hunter's Cloak?

As a starter item, the Hunter's Cloak has very simple material requirements, and can be crafted if you possess 1 Piece of Meat and 2 Bones. These materials are plentiful from the simplest animal type that can be hunted in Season 6, which are wolves.

Wolves roam in packs in heavily wooded areas. Dispatching them should be easy enough with most firearms, but they can still deal some damage and overwhelm an unprepared player if they manage to flank you. If you pop a wolf or two, you'll likely get all the materials you need for the Hunter's Cloak.

Crafting the Hunter's Cloak

The Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite.

Now that you have your meat and bones, all you need to do is navigate to the "Crafting" tab of the in-game menu, select the Hunter's Cloak item and hit Craft. Note that crafting does have a cast-time, so once you hit the big shiny button your character will stay in one place actually creating the item itself, leaving you open to attack, so make sure you are in a safe location before you do this.

Like so, you now have your first Hunter's Cloak.

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