Fortnite Season 5, Week 9 Quests Completion Guide

Epic has placed several new challenges in Fortnite that can be completed by the players starting today, 28th of January 2021. These challenges are for Fortnite’s Season 5, Week 9, and include diverse quests like finding bunkers and even emoting at stone statues. The rewards for completing these quests are experience points.

Epic And Legendary Quests And Their Rewards

Below are the Epic Quests that if completed in their entirety will net you 140,000 XP.

Quest Completion Frequency / Value Reward
Shakedown an IO Guard 1 20,000 XP
Find a hidden bunker??? 1 20,000 XP
Find the crashed plane's black box 1 20,000 XP
Deal damage while in water 200 20,000 XP
Emote at stone statues 1 20,000 XP
Ride the Steamy Stacks 1 20,000 XP
Deal damage to a Loot Shark 1 20,000 XP

Below are the Legendary Quests that if completed in their entirety will net you 143,000 XP.

Quest Completion Frequency Reward
Shakedown Opponents 5 55,000 XP
Shakedown Opponents 10 22,000 XP
Shakedown Opponents 15 22,000 XP
Shakedown Opponents 20 22,000 XP
Shakedown Opponents 25 22,000 XP
The IO Guards operate in droves

How To Shakedown An IO Guard

IO Guards spawn near Elevators all over the island. These are hostile NPCs, so be very careful. In order to complete this quest, you must know these IO Guards and perform a shakedown while they are down. The IO Guards run in groups and has 250 Shield and 100 Health. This can be difficult to complete.

Where Are The Hidden Bunkers

There are three hidden bunkers in Fortnite. Below are the description and directions on the locations of these bunkers including the methods in unveiling their mysteries.

Unremarkable Shack bunker – Craggy Cliffs

The Unremarkable Shack is found in Craggy Cliffs, on the tiny island in the northwest. Go to the shack located by the side of the beach and destroy the wooden pallets and it will reveal itself.

Underwater bunker – Holly Hedges / Slurpy Swamp

The underwater bunker is found northwest of Slurpy Swap and down the Holly Hedges. To be precise, this is off the shore near the circle stone statues. Jump to dive underwater and find the bunker. This bunker is placed between two patches of coral. Dive close until it registers in your map as a landmark.

Campsite bunker – Retail Row

The last secret bunker is found in Retail Row, on the cliffs east of it. There is a small campsite there, overlooking the ocean. South of that campsite is a large bush placed between two trees. Destroy the bush to gain access to the hidden bunker under it.

Perform An Emote On The Stone Statue

The circle stone statues on the underwater bunker in Holly Hedges / Slurpy Swamp is the same stone statue where you should perform an emote to complete the weekly Epic Quest. Do not forget to perform this while you are in the area for the bunker quest.

Where Is The Crashed Plane’s Black Box

The crashed plane is found in Coral Castle. The crash site should be in the southeast end by the beach. The airplane parts are scattered all over the place.  The black box can be found in the perimeter.

This is what the black box looks like

How To Deal Damage While In The Water

This is exactly what it reads like, just be in the water while dishing damage to an enemy. You should be in the water and not your target. It does not matter if the target enemy is in the water or not, it is your location that is more important.

How To Ride The Steamy Stacks

This is a fairly easy challenge as you just have to go to the Steamy Stacks in the northeast corner of the island. Head over the stacks and walk under them. You should be swept by the wind and launched into the sky thus completing the quest.

How To Deal Damage To A Loot Shark

Find a Loot Shark and then deal damage. You do not need to kill it, just deal damage to it. You can complete this quest in conjunction with the ‘deal damage while in the water’ quest but that can be difficult as the Loot Shark has 2,000 Health and water is its comfort zone.

The Loot Shark can be found in bodies of water, but you can probably find the Loot Shark while you are in the safety of dry land in Sweaty Sands or Pleasant Park instead of dipping into the waters. Once the Loot Shark appears just shoot it and you can fight it to the death if you want. Just be sure to bring lots of weapons and ammo. The Loot Shark drops, well, loots once defeated.

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