Fortnite Season 5 Skins & Cosmetics Overview

Fortnite has gone through a major change following the brief downtime between the end of Season 4 and start of Season 5. The map is different, there are new gameplay mechanics and, naturally, a new Battle Pass - which means new cosmetics! Let's take a look at everything that we know will appear in Fortnite Battle Royale's fifth season.

Battle Pass Content

Skins & Styles

Mandalorian (Tier 1)

This is the way.

Star Wars is the big licensed theme this time around, switching from another Disney property, Marvel, from last season. You can dress up as everyone's favorite Beskar-clad bounty hunter, and the skin even comes with a quest allowing you to upgrade it with new pieces, just like Din Djarin does during the course of the show.

Spirit's Pact (Tier 61)

Careful with the pointy end.

This back bling adds a sheath for a pair of scary-looking fantasy daggers to your character.

Menace Challenger Style (Tier 88)

Are you not entertained?

Additional style options for the gladiatorial Menace skin.

Mandalorian Beskar Style (Tier 100)

This is the wayer.

Additional style option for the Mandalorian skin featuring the fully upgraded armor.

Wraps & Tools

Grav-Fusion (Tier 9)

Pretty in pink.

Pancake Posse (Tier 23)

Gives new meaning to "eat a gun".

Beastfang (Tier 37)

Rejected World of Warcraft design.

Harpy's Claw (Tier 45)

Why would you call an axe a claw?

Y-labs (Tier 74)

Y not?


Boomin' (Tier 16)

The 80's called.


Flapjack Flier (Tier 30)

Needs approval from both the FDA and the EASA.


Soul Fall (Tier 54)

Sounds like a metal album.


Star Power Remix Music (Tier 67)

Not exactly Duel of Fates but we'll take it.

Menace Reigns Loading Screen (Tier 80)


Other Cosmetics

The overall theme in Season 5 concerns various bounty hunters, and their skins take front and center. As of now, much of this exists only as leaked info and our knowledge about them is incomplete. Xfire will keep updating this masterpost as more cosmetics are revealed and released over the course of Season 5.

Skins & Styles

Images coming soon!

Reese & 4 Styles

Mancake & 4 Styles

Kondor & 4 Styles

Mave & 8 Styles


Codename E.L.F.


Dynamo Grav-Suit & Style

Wildheart Bucklet & Style

Spirit's Pact style

E.L.F. Shield

Wraps & Tools

Nebula Warhamer & Style

Sharktooth Spear

Wisdom & Vendetta


Nebula Skyblade

Galactic Skyblade

Wheatcake Wing

Hotcake Hang Glider

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