Fortnite Season 5 Exotic Weapons Guide - Where To Find All Exotic Weapons

Fortnite went through major changes with the release of Season 5, bringing a wealth of new content to a transformed Island including a bevy of cosmetics, the ability to hide beneath mounds of salt and even Baby Yoda.

Among these numerous additions are several new weapons that occupy a newly minted category never before seen in the game - exotic. Exotic weapons work a little differently compared to others, and this guide will tell you everything you need to know to acquire them.

What are Exotic Weapons?

Exotic Weapons are a new category of weapon that can be acquired from specific NPCs spread throughout the Island, all costing exactly 1,225 Gold Bars each. In terms of effectiveness, these weapon come in a lick below the absolute top-of-the-line Mythic equipment, which right now consists only of the Mandalorian Jetpack and the Amban Sniper Rifle.

Each Exotic weapon features a special ability to make it truly feel like a cut above the rest. Each NPC vendor is in a different location - this coupled with the high cost means you'll need to plan out ahead which weapon to get when.

1,225 Gold Bars is a pretty tall order, and you'll have to complete plenty of bounty contracts and challenges to grind out the price in a reasonable amount of time - but with the special abilities these weapons bring to the game, they're definitely worth it.

Between explosive rounds and *that* paintjob, this isn't a weapon for subtle people.

Where to Get Each Exotic Weapon?

Dub Shotgun

The Dub Shotgun is a fancy looking double barreled sawed-off shotgun that deals massive amounts of damage while knocking both you and your target back. At close range, a body shot will deal 120 damage while a headshot deals 150. It can be bought from Dummy who'll be hanging out either a bit west of Dirty Docks or to the southeast of Stealthy Stronghold.

Shadow Tracker Pistol

The Shadow Tracker is the perfect pistol for stealthy hunters. Featuring a suppressor and a scope, the pistol also has a special ability allowing you to tag and track opponents, so that you can hunt them down even if you fail to kill them during your first encounter. It deals 29 damage with body shots and 58 with head shots, and can be bought from Reese at Dirty Docks.

Storm Scout Sniper Rifle

Big and eye-catching, the Storm Scout wouldn't be the first choice of most real-world snipers since staying hidden is important in this line of work, and a huge hot pink and purple gun won't exactly help you there. It does, however, indicate the next storm circle and deals immense damage - 85 with body shots and a whopping 212 with head shots, to be precise. Grab it from Lexa at Hunter's Haven.

Nighthawk Revolver

This six-shot heavy revolver packs a serious punch and lets you keep an eye on enemies who are trying to hide using its black and white thermal scope. The Nighthawk Revolver delivers 44 damage with body shots and double that with head shots, and can be bought from Mancake at Butter Barn - if you are willing to meet someone called "mancake" living in a place called "butter barn". Eugh.

Boom Sniper Rifle

Whoever named the Boom sure isn't one to mince words, because it is a pretty accurate description of the weapon. The baseline damage is hardly befitting an Exotic weapon - 10 for body shots and 25 for head shots - but this is where the special ability comes in. Soon after impact the round will explode dealing additional 60 points of damage. Grab it from the similarly aptly named Splode at Craggy Cliffs.

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