Fortnite leak suggests Lady Gaga crossover event

Will Lady Gaga be the next pop icon to appear in Fortnite?

Fortnite has had a ton of crossover events with other games over the years. We recently saw Son Goku and Destiny 2 appear in the game. Meanwhile, athletes like Neymar and Lebron James as well as popular streamers like Lazarbeam and Ninja have appeared in Fortnite too. We've also seen actors like Keanu Reeves and Tom Holland appear as their iconic characters, John Wick and Spider-man, respectively. Finally, Fortnite's biggest collaboration has been with musicians with Arianna Grande and Travis Scott performing concerts in the game.

Lady Gaga Fortnite
A new emote sparked talks of a Lady Gaga crossover event.

Another big name in the music industry is rumored to be coming to Fortnite. A new leaked emote had fans speculating that Lady Gaga will be in a crossover event for the game.

The emote is called "Jug Band" and has four players playing different instruments to the tune of "Poker Face." Popular Fortnite leaker @HYPEX tweeted a comparison between the background music of the emote and the song.

It's hard to deny that the Jug Band is performing "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.

What is the Jug Band?

A Jug Band involves a jug player and other musicians making music from household items such as washboards. The jug produces low-toned notes when played.

The "Jug Band" is a synced emote requiring four players to activate. When it is activated the four players play different instruments like a guitar, banjo, violin, and jug.

When the Jug Band starts playing, you'll hear the pre-chorus and chorus of Poker Face. The sound is reminiscent of what an actual jug band sounds like. Other musicians who have had emotes based on their popular songs include Doja Cat’s Say So and Dynamite by BTS. Fans have even recreated the entire music video of Dynamite using the emote in Fortnite.

Crossover concert for Rainbow Royale

Lady Gaga
Fans speculate that the pop icon would be part of the Rainbow Royal event in September.

Fans of Lady Gaga and Fortnite are hoping for a collaboration event between the pop icon and the battle royale game. Lady Gaga's name has come up as the next singer to appear in Fortnite after the success of Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour concert. The Rift Tour was attended by 78 million players and caused a significant spike in the streams of her songs that were included in the virtual performance.

Another notable in-game concert was by rapper Travis Scott and the Astroworld Tour. He performed five virtual live shows and was viewed by 28 million players.

Fans speculate that Lady Gaga will be part of the Rainbow Royale which is an LGBTQIA+ event within the game. Lady Gaga is an icon and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Rainbow Royale Pride event was announced in June 2022 and will happen sometime in September. It celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community within Fortnite and the wider community outside the game with cosmetic changes to the map, sprays, and emotes for players.

The leaked "Jug Band" emote will be included in v21.51 of the game which is expected to arrive in September which coincides with Rainbow Royale. It would certainly be a treat to have a concert by Lady Gaga during the Rainbow Royale event.

This is also not the first time that Lady Gaga was rumored to appear in the game. The Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit mentioned that Fortnite was planning to add Lady Gaga to the game.

Fortnite currently has several ongoing collaboration events. The Destiny 2 crossover event features popular characters from the team-based shooter as skins for Fortnite.

As for Lady Gaga, the versatile actress recently confirmed her role in the upcoming Joker sequel, Joker: Folie à Deux.

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