Fortnite Halo - Unlock the Matte Black Master Chief Skin

In Epic Games' Fortnite, it is pretty much a given that every new season means a new batch of crossover characters. The running theme being to unite players from all 3 of the major platforms that the game is available on. Thus, Fortnite has been bringing over major characters from familiar franchises of the Nintendo, Playstation, and PC platforms as part of their Gaming Legends series.

Master Chief Fortnite Matte Black Unlock

During the Chapter 2 - Season 5 of Fortnite, it was revealed the Playstation’s crossover character would be God of War’s Kratos. It was just a matter of time for Microsoft Xbox and PC players to get their own representative. And so it was recently revealed that Fortnite would be adding Halo's badass power-armored Spartan soldier, John-117 AKA Master Chief!

Master Chief Fortnite Matte Black Unlocked
Master Chief is in Fortnite... with a snazzy Matte Black armor!

But wait, there’s more! Aside from the standard Master Chief skin, another alternate version can be unlocked. This is the so-called Matte Black Skin for Master Chief’s Mjolnir armor! How does one unlock this sleek and black variant bad boy? Read on to find out!

Fortnite Season 5 Master Chief Skin

We have covered previously how Epic Games and Microsoft joined forces for Fortnite’s inclusion of Master Chief. As revealed in the Game Awards 2020, players can acquire the Master Chief set. This set includes the Master Chief player skin which is the Mjolnir Power Armor (arguably the most popular and iconic of the character’s different incarnations from the HALO games).

Aside from the basic skin, the set includes the UNSC Pelican as a glider skin, a Lil’ Warthog emote (which shows the player riding a much smaller version than the Warthog all-terrain combat vehicle from the HALO games), and the Gravity Hammer pickaxe skin. Finally, the Master Chief set includes The Battle Legend back bling: a holographic Elite Skull.

To acquire the Master Chief Gaming Legends skin, players can purchase it through the Fortnite Item Shop. Purchasing the Master Chief Skin costs 1,500 V Bucks. To get the full Gaming Legends set (with the UNSC Pelican Glider, Lil’ Warthog emote, back bling hologram), players must spend 2,600 V Bucks instead.

Getting the Matte Black Master Chief Skin

Unlocking the cool Matte Black Master Chief is not hard at all. Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1

    Make sure to first purchase the Master Chief Skin from the Fortnite Item Shop.

    Master Chief Set
    Purchase the Master Chief Skin (1,500 V Bucks) or the full set (2,600 V Bucks).
  • Step 2

    Play one battle royale match game of Fortnite after the purchase.

    Master Chief Match
    Play one match after purchasing the Master Chief skin.
  • Step 3

    The Matte Black Master Chief Skin will be unlocked and in your locker!

    Master Chief Outfit
    The Matte Black Master Chief variant should now be available in the Outfit options!

One important thing to note is that not everyone will have access to the Matte Black Master Chief skin. It is only available for Xbox Series X or Series S owners. This is similar to how God of Wars’ Kratos Gold Armor variant is only available to PS5 owners. Unfortunately, Xbox One owners are not included. However, if you purchase the Master Chief Skin today and acquire an Xbox Series S or X later, the Matte Black variant will still be available.

More Fortnite Hunter Skins in the Future?

Old school Xbox players can certainly live their nostalgic memories of fighting the Covenant and beating back the Flood with the Master Chief skin in Fortnite. Both the standard and the Black Matte variant skin are cool cosmetic additions to the game. But what of the future?

Master Chief Fortnite Reveal
Now that HALO's Master Chief is in Fortnite, who could the next crossover character be?

The previous season of Fortnite was a massive success, thanks in no small part to crossing over with the Marvel Universe and the plethora of character skins from the comics, TV, and movies. Chapter 2 – Season 5 of Fortnite will likely do the same. Who could the next variant skin be?

Speculations run high that it will be Nintendo’s turn to have an exclusive skin. Given that the theme of hunters is the focus, there are several candidates that could fit the bill, such as Link from the Legend of Zelda, Samus Aran of Metroid fame, or perhaps Meta-Knight from the Kirby series of games.

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