Fortnite Beskar Quest Guide - Find The Razor Crest

The biggest star of Fortnite Season 5 so far is The Mandalorian, bringing not just a skin to the game but an entire quest chain allowing you to upgrade the look of the skin as you unlock more and more Beskar armor pieces, just like Din Djarin does in the hit show.

We'll take a look at how to get the first one by finding the Razor Crest.

What is the Beskar Challenge?

Being the titular character of the show that single handedly dragged the Star Wars franchise out of a black hole is no easy task, and such an individual will need the best armor there is. By the time of the second season of the Mandalorian, Din Djarin sports an almost complete Beskar outfit, but he had much scrappier beginnings with just a bit of chrome on his dome.

This is the w-ah you know the drill.

Players who access the newest Battle Pass in Fortnite immediately gain access to The Mandalorian's very first outfit seen on screen, clad in mismatched browns as opposed to the full metal version. You can get the complete set, but more is involved than simply dropping some V-Bucks or powering through the tiers - you need to complete quests.

These quests will each unlock one piece of the armor set that you can progressively add to the skin, mirroring the outfit progression over the course of Season 1 of the show.

The very first of these challenges sounds fairly simple - you merely need to visit the Razor Crest to unlock the Right Shoulder Pad, which includes Djarin's insignia of the Mudhorn that he and baby Yoda- I mean Grogu - defeat early on in the series. The only problem is, the game doesn't tell you where the ship is!

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Where to Find the Razor Crest

Worry not, that's what we're here for. The Razor Crest has the unfortunate tendency to crash in a wide variety of environments, get plundered, sabotaged, or otherwise disabled. We find the ship in a similar predicament on the Island, and considering some of the messes it went through during the show this state is relatively tame.

The red spot south of the Colossal Coliseum marks the ship.

You'll find the crashed ship just on the edge of the salty desert area in the center of the map. The Jawas haven't gotten to it yet so it is still intact! You need to climb up and stand on the top of the ship's fuselage to complete the requirement of this challenge.

Completing this first quest is needed to unlock the rest, and with your first Beskar armor piece you'll be well on your way to unlocking the rest.

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