Fortnite and Rocket League collaborate in a crossover event

The two games will be swapping cars during the "High Octane" celebration event.

Fortnite and Rocket League are collaborating once again. This time, the Epic Games-owned titles have an even bigger crossover planned. Rocket League will swap its most iconic cars with Octane, coming to the shooter, while Fortnite's Whiplash will be entering the soccer field.

Players can use the rocket-powered Octane in Fortnite for a limited time.

Fortnite and Rocket League have had some fun collaborations over the years. The two free-to-play games had a crossover event with Fall Guys last July called "Crown Clash" that had players complete challenges to earn rewards.

Fortnite dropped a new trailer for the "High Octane" crossover event. It shows how the cars end up in a different game. The event may be related to the "Fracture" finale event for Chapter 3.

Octane will be a playable vehicle during the event and it will be unlike any other car in the game. The car comes with rocket boosters that allow unique maneuvers. It can climb up walls, dodge, do tricks and perform mid-air acrobatic moves such as double jumps and flips.

Completing all eight quests will reward players with a new pick axe.

During the High Octane event, players can complete the eight "High Octane Quests" for XP and in-game cosmetic items. The quest includes playing in the "High Octane" Discover row, which are fan-created maps that were submitted during the Octane Callout.

Completing two High Octane quests will reward players with the Aerial Assist Style of the Back Board Back Bling and Shot in Flight Emoticon. Finish four quests to earn the 'Brella Beach Style of the Back Board Back Bling and Octane Smash Spray. Completing six quests will give gamers the Battle-car Blaze Style of the Back Board Back Bling.

When players complete the eight High Octane Quests, they will be rewarded with the Fifty-Fifty Style of the Back Board Back Bling and Clutch Victory Pickaxe. It will also unlock several cosmetic items in both Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe.

The Octane Rocket League car can be found in several locations in Fortnite. Players can choose Chonker’s Speedway, the western side of Cloudy Condos, and the upper area of Chromejam Junction as their landing spot to find this car. Gamers can also check out Greasy Grove and the Tainted Tower as spawn locations for the rocket-powered car.

Whiplash will be playable in Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe.

The iconic Whiplash Car from Fortnite will also be useable in Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe during the duration of the event.

The High Octane event begins today and will last until December 3, when the Fracture event starts. The Fracture will be the final event for Chapter 3. It is still unclear what will happen during the event but fans have speculated that it may be on the same level as the Galactus boss fight at the end of Chapter 2.

According to leakers, Chapter 4 will see the addition of rideable flying animals, motorcycles, and first-person view mode to Fortnite. The new chapter will also add Creative 2.0 and a new cosmetic type.

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