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In Forsaken, you can play three different arcade games at the arcade store. These games include Call of Duty: World at War, Der Eisendrache, & Enduro.

Playing these games allows you to earn some excellent rewards such as essence points, free perks, salvage, and even have a chance of getting the wonder weapon.

You need an arcade token to play on one of the arcade machines. You can only carry one arcade token at a time, which can be confirmed by looking at the bottom right corner of your leaderboards UI.

There are three different methods to acquire the arcade token. This guide walks you through each way to get the tokens and explains the arcade games and associated rewards. We also have a complete in-depth video guide for your visual reference.

Note that you must have already turned on power (lifted the lockdown) before you can get the arcade machines working. Feel free to check out our complete guide on how to do that here.

Video Guide

Arcade Location

The arcade is located on the western side of Anytown. It is directly beside the video store that also has a portal to Main Street.

Arcade Token

There are three different methods to acquire the arcade token, which are as follows:

Killing Zombies

The first method is by killing zombies.

This method is not a guaranteed method as the zombies do not always drop the arcade token. The drop is entirely random.


The second method is guaranteed but also super expensive. You can buy the arcade token from the change machine inside the arcade store.

The arcade token costs 10,000 points which is quite a lot. But, if you're looking to buy one, you can easily purchase it in later rounds when you have plenty of points.

Free Token

The third and final method is a little trick you can use to get an arcade token completely free. This method is also guaranteed. You can get the arcade token by walking up to the change machine and meleeing it.

Once you do, the arcade token will pop out for you to collect.

Arcade Games

There are three arcade machines you can use the tokens on. Each of these arcade machines rewards you with different types of loots such as points, salvage, free random perks, and even a chance to get a free wonder weapon. The following are the three games and how to play them:


The first game is called 'Enduro'. You control an RC-XD car to collect essence points in an obstacle course. The course is timed and you get one minute to collect all the points.

It is difficult to maneuver the car around, especially if you're on PC. But, if you go slow, you should collect all the points before the timer runs out.

Once the timer ends, you will be teleported back to the map.

Der Eisendrache

The second machine is called 'Der Eisendrache,' which teleports you on a roof with the dragon from Outbreak.

You need to kill the zombies inside the ring of fire and feed the dragon to complete this game, just like you do in Outbreak.

When completed, the dragon will fly away, leaving behind a golden chest.

This arcade game has the best loot out of all three arcade games.

Call of Duty: World at War

The final game is called 'Call of Duty: World at War,' which teleports you to the original Nacht Der Untoten from the original Call of Duty: World at War.

This one is a real nostalgic ride for the zombies' fans. You need to survive and clear three rounds before the timer ends. You get a loot chest after every round completion.

In this game, you have limited ammo and must knife the zombies as much as you can, at least until you clear the second wave. The melee here is not a one-hit kill similar to how it was in the original World at War zombies mode.

You can one-shot kill if you aim for the head. Make your shots count and be careful with your ammo until the completion of the second wave, as you get a chest with a DMR 14 after the second wave.

When you clear the first wave, you get a small loot chest with some uncommon salvage.

Clearing the second wave rewards you with a medium loot chest with high-grade salvage and a DMR 14.

When you clear the third and final wave, you get a large loot chest containing bonus points, full charge power up, possibly a random free perk, & high-grade salvage stockpiles.

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