Former Hogwarts Legacy Dev Explains Truth Behind Retirement

Earlier this month, former WB Games developer, Troy Leavitt, who took the lead in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, resigned from his position. This was following the massive public backlash after earlier videos on his YouTube channel, that supposedly attacked feminism, resurfaced.

Troy Leavitt delivers on his earlier promise by revealing details and events that led up to his resignation in early March 2021.
Troy Leavitt delivers on his earlier promise by revealing details and events that led up to his resignation in early March 2021.

However, just as he promised, Leavitt released his own video explaining what led to his departure from Avalanche Software, the studio working on Hogwarts Legacy.

Leavitt Explains Departure in Video and Letter

In his video, the former Hogwarts Legacy lead developer shared an intimate moment where he said goodbye to his former colleagues over at Avalanche Software via a Zoom call. In addition to this, he also shared his resignation letter.

In the said letter, Leavitt explains that a family matter was largely the reason for his departure. He explains that despite WB Games' support, the situation had only "seriously deteriorated since the beginning of February". He explains that he now sees the situation as "chronic" and "likely to be high maintenance".

Leavitt then goes on to refute that articles about his YouTube channel were not the reason for his resignation. However, he did acknowledge that they played a role in the entire ordeal. He referred to the articles as a catalyst.

He explains that the articles were published following a significant event where things "took a sharp turn" in early February.

Leavitt then ends his letter by saying that he only had the "warmest feelings" for the Hogwarts Legacy project, as well as Avalanche Software and WB Games. He also went on to praise his fellow developers who are currently working on the highly anticipated title.

In other parts of his video, Leavitt talks about other things. This includes the controversial content of his previous videos. He even mentioned how he would attempt to debate with the creator of the Harry Potter franchise, JK Rowling. He then advertises his self-published fantasy novel series, which he will now have more time to work on now that he has retired.

What’s Next for Hogwarts Legacy?

So far, we haven't heard much from Avalanche Software nor WB Games regarding Hogwarts Legacy. This is despite the constant rumors surrounding the entire project. The most prevalent of these rumors include the possibility of adding transgender options to the game's character creator.

With that said, the proverbial microscope that the Harry Potter franchise has found itself under these past few years has extended to Hogwarts Legacy. This is despite the developer's claim that JK Rowling is playing no part in it.

The resignation of its lead developer following voicing seemingly anti-feminist views in the past certainly would not have helped.

Hogwarts Legacy was first revealed back in September as part of the State of Play event by Sony. It has since become one of the most highly awaited next-gen titles. However, things aren't looking sweet for the title right now. Case in point, Hogwarts Legacy is part of a long list of titles that have since been re-scheduled to release at later dates if not indefinitely.

Whether or not the postponed 2022 release date is final is not something we can tell for now.

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