How to Forge the Weaver of Flame Bow in Monster Hunter Rise

Taking down gargantuan monsters in Monster Hunter Rise requires weapons capable of taking on such titans. However, a bigger and better weapon isn't always the best solution. Sometimes, you don't always need just a powerful weapon, and are better off getting one that also has elemental damage, especially if you're hunting monsters weak to a particular element.

The best thing about the Weaver of Flame bow is that you can get all the ingredients from just hunting one particular monster.

Because of the natural safety of attacking from afar that wielding a bow gives you, using bows to hunt in Monster Hunter Rise is both practical and safe. If you want one of the best bows out there, we recommend nothing else but the Weaver of Flame bow.

How Powerful is The Weaver of Flame Bow in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Weaver of Flame Bow is one of the most powerful elemental bows in Monster Hunter Rise. It has an Attack stat of 150 with bonuses that include a Level 3 Attack Boost, Level 1 Fire Boost, and a Silkbind Boost. It also has a 25 fire element, two level 1 decoration slots, one level 2 decoration slot, as well as a recovery type arc shot.

As for its shot type, it has a level 3 spread at level 1 and a pierce level 3 shot type at level 2 and 3 with a hidden upgrade to level 4 that grants you a pierce level 4 shot type.

How Do You Get the Weaver of Flame Bow in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Weaver of Flame Bow isn't necessarily the most powerful bow in Monster Hunter Rise, but it's a relatively effective weapon for those looking for a fire element bow.

Fittingly enough, getting the Weaver of Flame Bow in Monster Hunter Rise isn't easy. It's a late-game bow available only once you've finished most of the main game. To get it, you'll need to unlock a high enough rank to get the urgent quest that will see you fight against the Rakna-Kadaki right at the near end of the star rank 6 hub quests.

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Once you've gotten a chance to fight against the Rakna-Kadaki, you can start hunting for the following materials to forge the Weaver of Flame Bow:

  • 2 x Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaws
  • 2 x Rakna-Kadaki Glowguts
  • 3 x Rakna-Kadaki Silks
  • 4 x Rakna-Kadaki Spikes

As you can see, all you need to do to construct the Weaver of Flame Bow is to take out the Rakna-Kadaki a couple of times. You also don't have to upgrade it from a bow of a previous tier. Alternatively, you can also upgrade the Kamura Iron Bow V using the following materials:

  • 1 x Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaw
  • 3 x Rakna-Kadaki Spikes
  • 2 x Inferno Sacs
  • 3 x Rachnoid Silk+ units

Between the two, it's much easier to just craft the Weaver of Flame Bow from scratch. This is because you don't have to go anywhere else than hunt the Rakna-Kadaki to get the required materials. On the other hand, getting Inferno Sacs and Rachnoid Silk+ requires you to hunt fire monsters and Rachnoids, respectively.

Either way, once you've finished gathering all the necessary materials, you can head directly over to the smith in the hub or village and have the Weaver of Flame Bow crafted for 54,000 zenny.

Once crafted, you can upgrade the Weaver of Flame boss using the following materials:

  • 2 x Elder Dragon blood
  • 5 x Rakna-Kadaki Carapaces
  • 3 x Firecell Stones

Unfortunately, you can only upgrade the Weaver of Flame once you've beaten the final boss, who will drop the Elder Dragon Blood. But, once upgraded, the Weaver of Flame becomes even more powerful, with a 160 attack and a 29 fire element.

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