Football Manager 2021 Winter Update Arrives

Football Manager 2021’s Main Winter Update is now live. The update brings more than 3.7 million changes to the game's database that mirror real-life events of the sport. Changes include players’ stats, game performance improvements, bug fixes, and gameplay balances.

What Are The Database Changes In Football Manager 2021?

The changes in the game’s database cover all of the real-world transfers, changes in the management of the clubs, and adjustment of players' stats - reflective of their performance throughout the current season. Games saved prior to this patch will not be compatible with the database changes, however, the rest of the improvements like gameplay and technical improvements of the game are compatible.

What Are The Gameplay Changes In Football Manager 2021?

The gameplay changes include improvement of goalkeeper distribution and better assistant advice during pre-game preparations and matches. Improvements have also been made to the Club Vision and manager appointments. Issues regarding the inconsistent and illogical post-game conference questions are also fixed. Minor changes to the user interface are also part of this patch.

A Football Manager game is now available to Xbox for the first time in over a decade

Main Winter Update Partial Changelist

Below is the partial list of the changes introduced by developer Sports Interactive in the Main Winter Update:

Database and Research

  • Over 3.7 million updates reflect real life, including (but not limited to) transfers, managerial changes, and player attributes

Stability and Technical

  • Number of stability fixes and improvements


  • Further improvements to total player count and number of newgens generated in youth intakes
  • Number of improvements to keeping player promises
  • Re-enabled option to ask the board for Reserve/U23 team
  • Improvements to Club Vision logic
  • Tweaked logic to make user manager appointments more realistic
  • Fixed press conference questions being asked incorrectly following certain results
  • Recruitment meetings being driven more by agreed club visions
  • Interest in transfer' filter player search fix for when user manager changes clubs
  • Improvements to staff given non-playing staff appointment responsibilities
  • Newgen staff now correctly having second nationalities set
  • Improved transfer logic for MLS teams at game start
  • Improved MLS teams salary cap management

Match Engine 21.6.0

  • Further balancing of player ratings across both full and quick match engines
  • Number of improvements and fixes to match stats, including key tackles, clear-cut chances, and interceptions
  • Improved goalkeeper distribution when set tactically via instructions
  • Improvements to assistant advice during pre-game build up and matches

Another update will come out in a few weeks. This upcoming update will mirror the real-world player transfers including those from Russian, Chinese, and American football leagues.

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