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Die Maschine contains a ton of easter eggs and the Floating Zombies easter egg is an interesting one. In this guide you'll see why.

To complete this easter egg, you must find five floating zombies in the Dark Aether.

All five zombies are outside the map, none of them are found within the map. You shoot these floating zombies and they disappear, similar to how the orbs worked in the coffin dance easter egg.

There are five fixed locations where these zombies spawn, but their spawn order is completely random. So, you must check all five locations once you're in the Dark Aether. After shooting all five zombies, you will be rewarded with a random free killstreak. The killstreak can be anything such as the combat bow, war machine, chopper gunner, etc.

The following are all the locations where you can find these zombies.

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Floating Zombie 1 - Plane Crash Site

You can find a floating zombie at the plane crash site. Just go towards the elevated area of the mountain, to the right of the Jugger-Nog perk machine, and look at about 260-270 on the horizontal compass. The zombie will be above the tail of the crash plane.

The floating zombies have purple glowing eyes, which makes it a bit easier to find them.

Shoot the floating zombie and it will disappear. If you have enough time in the Dark Aether, check the other four locations and the floating zombie could be in any one of them. Repeat the same until all locations are done.

Floating Zombie 2 - Particle Accelerator

The second location is the particle accelerator room, where the Pack-A-Punch machine is. You will find a barrier to the right if you come to the room from the Weapons Lab. Or to the left facing away from the power button room.

Look through the zombie barrier and you will see a zombie floating near the ceiling. This one is not that difficult to see.

Shoot the zombie, and it will disappear.

Floating Zombie 3 - Yard (Spawn)

The third location is an easy one. You can find a floating zombie at spawn. Go to spawn and stand near the tank.

Look up at about 182 on the compass and you will see a floating zombie near the jellyfish. Shoot it, and as always, it will disappear.

Floating Zombie 4 - Control Room

The fourth location is a bit tricky. You can find the fourth zombie floating in the water, but outside the map. When you go to the medical bay from the facility entrance, do not enter the medical bay. Instead, look for a crevice at the bottom of the left wall just before the medical bay entrance.

Look through the gap and you will see a floating zombie in the water at the bottom. Shoot it, and it will disappear.

Floating Zombie 5 - Pond Area

The fifth and final zombie location is in the pond area where the Quick Revive perk machine is.

Stand by the tunnel entrance at the pond area and look up at approximately 230-240 on your compass.

You will see a floating zombie in the woods. Shoot it and it will disappear.


Once you've shot all five floating zombies, make your way to the pond area. You will see one last final zombie floating in the middle of the pond area.

Shoot this zombie, and you will get a random free killstreak. On our first run, we got a war machine, and on the second try, we got a combat bow as a reward.

Here's something interesting if you're looking to prank your friends. If you do not shoot this last zombie and walk under him, you will get a jumpscare!

Feel free to check out our other zombies easter egg guides as well.

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