The Flash film director drops vandalized Keaton Batman costume teaser

The Flash director Andy Muschietti gives fans a new look at Keaton's Batman costume, albeit one with a lightning bolt commonly associated with a popular speedster.

The upcoming DCEU movie, The Flash, will star Ezra Miller in a loose adaptation of the famous comic book storyline, Flashpoint. For those that don't know, the story of Flashpoint effectively revolves around Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, attempting to rewrite the past by going back in time to try and stop his mother from being murdered. However, he finds out that messing with time isn't as straightforward and he finds himself losing his powers, among many other things.

One popular theory suggests that the teaser image is The Flash's borrowed costume from Keaton's Batman.

With that said, The Flash appears to be changing quite a bit from the source material. For example, Barry didn't travel back in time. Instead, he goes to an entirely different universe where Michael Keaton is Batman.

Now the film's director, Andy Muschietti, posted a new teaser image that has got fans buzzing.

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Why is Keaton's Batman suit red with a yellow Flash symbol?

The Flash will mark Keaton's first return as the caped crusader in almost three decades.

Muschietti uploaded a photo on Instagram that shows what appears to be a red Batman suit with a yellow lightning bolt stretched over the Bat symbol, suggesting its relationship with The Flash. Is it Michael Keaton's Batman suit? Or is it The Flash's suit? At this point, we don't know exactly know. The director merely posted the photo with zero context behind it, which means that fans are busy dissecting what it could mean.

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One of the more popular theories floating around is that Barry Allen's suit doesn't survive his jump to another reality. Because of this, he asks Keaton's Batman if he could borrow one of his suits. But, since this is The Flash we're talking about, he couldn't help but add his own flair to the borrowed suit, which explains why it's red with the logo of The Flash spray-painted on the middle.

We won't know the truth until The Flash premieres in theaters on November 4, 2022.

Until then, all we can do is wait for more confirmed info, teasers, and possibly leaks. Thankfully, there have been plenty to go around over the past few months. In addition to the set photos confirming how Keaton will look in The Flash, photos of his classic Batmobile have also leaked online. We also know that Ben Affleck's Batman is going to return for the upcoming DCEU film, along with Sasha Calle's Supergirl and multiple Barry Allens.

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