Five The Sims 4 Challenges That You Should Try

The Sims 4 can be played however you like. There are no objectives or missions, nor is there a campaign. You can simply live your virtual life however you want to. You want to pursue a career, get married, or have children? You can do one or all of them. You want to starve your Sims and make their lives miserable? You can also do that.


The Sims community is one of the most tight-knit and passionate groups in video games. Aside from modding the game and executing fan fiction in The Sims 4, the community shares challenges for members to try and complete. These challenges have set parameters and rules for you to follow and obey. This will most likely make the game difficult or frustrating, but that is the very definition of the word "challenge".

Runaway Teen Challenge

If you are familiar with the Soul Asylum song, you know what this challenge entails. Basically, you run away from your parents and start your own life. You have to have a teenager Sim since it would not make sense to have an adult Sim in this challenge.

The main objective of this challenge is to try to survive the painful beginnings of an independent teen life until you have the "good life".

For the purpose of this challenge, a "good life" is having the following:

  1. High-paying job (level 7-10 jobs)
  2. At least 2 children (marriage is not a requirement)
  3. Big house (at least 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms)

Your Sim must live alone without any help from adult Sims. You will find ways to go earn money only in the following manners:

  1. Fishing
  2. Gardening
  3. Collecting

In order to sustain yourself in case you lack the funds, you can search the neighborhood for free food.

Another restriction is that your Sim must look like a runaway. So, in the Create a Sim, dress your Sim appropriately.

Unnatural traits are also prohibited - like potion traits, purchased traits, and traits that change moods.

The starting lot must be 20x15 or less.

Start with no money. You can only do this by entering a money cheat. Hold Shift+Ctrl+C buttons to open the developer console and type "money 0" without the quotes.

Note that The Sims 4 does not allow teen-only households. All you have to do is create an adult Sim then either use the "agesimcheat" or use the Sim Manipulator mod to age down your Sim for this challenge.

You have to work your way up in life. Unless you have a house, you are going to use the toilet in public places only!

Don't forget to buy the latest expansion for The Sims 4 to add more aspects to your challenges

Immigrant Challenge

Immigration is a divisive topic nowadays. You must try this challenge out if you want to experience the tough life of being an immigrant. The Get to Work Expansion is required for this challenge.

You start as a young adult Sim with 0-1 Charisma, and purchase a pre-made house. Start a retail business in any lot in the neighborhood.

If you chose a stock Sim for this challenge, you can cheat to crater your Charisma by doing the following:

  1. Open the cheat console
  2. Type in "TestingCheats On" and press Enter
  3. Type in "Stats.set_skill_level major_charisma 1" and press Enter
  4. Type in TestingCheats Off and press Enter
  5. Close the cheat console

Here are the rules for the Immigrant Challenge

  1. If your stock Sim has a job, quit it. You are not allowed to have a job until you pay the Government immigration loan as discussed below.
  2. No moving in or merging households. You are only allowed to add a Sim to your household via marriage. You are only allowed to earn money through business.
  3. Accumulate 22,000 Simoleons from your business and then enter the cheat "Money 0". The 22,000 Simoleons will disappear. This should simulate your government immigration loan. If your money exceeded 22,000, just subtract that amount from what you have. For example, you have 30,000 Simoleons, you must type in the cheat console, "Money 8000". You will have with you your 8,000 Simoleons, while the 22,000 Simoleons were supposedly for the government loan.
  4. Payment of the loan will allow you to become a Full Citizen.

A Full Citizen will allow you to do anything including getting a job and getting married. Getting full citizenship effectively completes the challenge.

Weight Loss Challenge

This challenge is close to home for all the gamers(!?) out there. Nevertheless, this challenge can be inspirational for anyone and may be used as a parallel to your real life.

Your main goal is to lose weight and become fit. The endgame is maxing out the fitness skill and mentoring at least 10 Sims.

Here are the steps to begin the challenge:

  1. Create a young adult or adult Sim that is very overweight. Tack on fitness aspiration and traits like glutton, lazy, and self-assured.
  2. Move out of your house if you have parents.
  3. Input a cheat that will give you only 2,000 Simoleons.

For additional challenges, here are the extra rules:

  1. Visit the gym only from 12 pm to 12 am but not on successive days.
  2. Do not pursue an athletic career.
  3. Sims are only allowed to eat healthy food.

The Truman Show Challenge

While The Sims 4 is all about you controlling the lives of your Sim, the Truman Show Challenge will divest you with that control. This is inspired by one of the greatest movies of all time that actually mirrored our current reality TV-obsessed population.

The objective of this game is to become the producer of the 24/7 show, with you controlling everything except your Sim. The only rule in this challenge is you do not control your Sim and let them do what they want. If you want to do something for them, or if you want them to achieve, learn, or pursue something, you can manipulate their surroundings but never take control of them directly.

Rebuild the neighborhood according to your image in Build a City Challenge

Build A City Challenge

Is it too late for Sim City to come back? Well, in The Sims 4 you can at least try a little bit of city-building if you have the itch.

You are going to empty all the lots of the neighborhood by bulldozing them and build from the ground up. Start with a founder and slowly add some Sims to continue in building the city. Add them when your founder has 50,000 Simoleons.

You can add whatever number of Sims you want to populate the City, provided they have the bare minimum of money. Let slowly bring money and build business and houses. If they have 50,000 in money, add another household until you've completely built an entire city.

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