Check out Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor in first Road House remake images

The upcoming film is a remake of the cult action classic film from 1989.

Over a year after Jake Gyllenhaal signed up alongside Conor McGregor to take on the lead roles of the Road House remake, we finally have our first look at McGregor's debut outing.

first road house remake images
Conor McGregor looks a couple of dozen pounds heavier compared to its 156-pound fighting weight in this photo.

McGregor and Amy Kaplan shared images of the in-development remake that began filming in the Dominic Republic last year.

Judging from the looks of it, the casting is one point although how well the two will do once the movie hits movie theaters remains to be seen.

The original Road House, which starred the late Patrick Swayze, didn't do too well among critics. But, the movie did pull in $61.6 million against a $15 million budget. More importantly, it became a hit as soon as it was released on the VHS, and even on the DVD many years later, as well as on cable TV. Because of this, fans have been waiting for either a sequel or a reboot for years. It wasn't until Gyllenhaal and McGregor stepped up to the plate that the ball finally got rolling.

What's interesting here is the role McGregor will play in the movie. We know Gyllenhaal will take on the lead role, James Dalton, a former UFC fighter who finds work as a bouncer in Florida Keys. Unfortunately, what he initially thought was a walk in the park turned out to be a far more dangerous place than it seemed. According to the reports, McGregor will not play himself but a fictional character, likely someone original to the remake.

Regardless of what kind of role McGregor will play, it's clear that it will likely involve some physical altercation; McGregor looks a lot bulkier than his previous fighting shape.

It's unclear when the Road House remake will premiere in theaters but the behind-the-scenes photos are a sign production is close to being finished. If that's the case, we can expect to see a trailer be released within the year if not early next year.

first road house remake images
Patrick Swayze's original Road House is what's often been described as a "good kind of a bad movie."

Speaking of Gyllenhaal, he's one-third of the internet's favorite celebrity trio alongside Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. With both Jackman and Reynolds reprising their roles as Wolverine and Deadpool, respectively, in Deadpool 3, which will come out next year, we wouldn't be surprised if they can get Gyllenhaal to tag along for a cameo.

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