The first reactions Top Gun: Maverick are good news for the long overdue sequel

Critics can't help but throw praise at Top Gun: Maverick, calling it a "perfect" sequel.

Two years from its original premiere date and Top Gun: Maverick is finally set to come flying into theaters.

First Reactions Top Gun Maverick
Top Gun: Maverick will have to contend with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which should still be going strong on May 27.

Ahead of the Top Gun sequel's premiere on May 27, a handful of audiences got to see the movie at this year's CinemaCon and they couldn't help themselves but appreciate the body of work that everyone put into making the film happen.

Total Film's deputy editor, Matt Maytum, and editor-at-large, Jamie Graham, for example, had a lot of good things to say about the follow-up. The former referred to it as an "ESSENTIAL big-screen viewing" while the latter described it as a "perfect sequel." Both seem to be in awe of everything about Maverick from the plot to the cinematography and how it used the power of nostalgia to great effect.

Several others echoed the same things, suggesting that Top Gun: Maverick will give any film that it will go up against a good run for the money.

Here's a handful of tweets from people who left the early screening with their jaws on the floor:

Top Gun: Maverick sees Tom Cruise take to the skies again as the legendary aviator from the film that launched his career, Top Gun. The 1980s cult classic saw Cruise take on the role of a then-young pilot, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. In the sequel, Maverick is a seasoned veteran who has to lead a class of aspiring aviators, much like he was way back then. After avoiding the responsibility of training a new generation for his entire Navy career, Maverick will now have to do so with some personal ties on the line as one of his students, Miles Teller's Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, is the son of his late co-pilot, Anthony Edwards' Nick "Goose" Bradshaw.

Having said that, this isn't the first time that Maverick has wowed audiences. Those who got to watch the first 15 minutes of Maverick at CinemaCon 2021 had high praise as well and a trailer from late March all but confirmed that the sequel is going to be a nostalgia fest.

We'll find out soon enough just how well audiences from around the globe will react to Top Gun: Maverick once it premieres on May 27.

First Reactions Top Gun Maverick
Paramount's decision to delay Top Gun: Maverick until it can release safely and exclusively in theaters is looking like it will pay off big time.

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