5 First-Party Sony Titles We'd Love to See on the Epic Games Store

To say that Epic Games is flush with cash is entirely fitting. It's the only way to describe the company when you consider the kind of spending spree that they've been on for the better part of the past two years, throwing money at both indie developers and larger studios alike, just so that they can get more games onto their Epic Game Store.

Ghosts Epic

But while most thought that Epic only had the kind of money to secure third-party releases and indie titles, it seems like the gaming powerhouse is willing to spend even more.

Thanks to one of the leaked documents discovered during the Epic versus Apple case, we know that Epic previously made massive offers to the likes of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. In particular, the Sony offer was worth $200 million for 4-6 titles to release on the Epic Games Store.

We don't know if Sony already accepted the offer or where they are in terms of negotiations. It is even possible that the talks have stopped altogether already. After all, Sony seems more inclined to work closely with Valve to release first-party titles on the Steam platform.

With that said, unless anything is confirmed or denied, we believe that Epic still has a chance to secure first-party Sony titles on the Epic Games Store.

Below we've rounded up 5 first-party Sony titles that we would love to see on the Epic Games Store.

Ghost of Tsushima

First Party Sony Titles On Epic Games Store
It would be a huge win for Epic to secure Ghost of Tsushima's PC port as an exclusive to the EGS.

Ghost of Tsushima is an amazing open-world title that will make you believe that it is possible to make a samurai game without going too over the top. But, while Ghost of Tsushima looks breathtaking on the PS4 and the PS5, can you imagine just how much better it would look on a souped-up gaming PC?

Playing through the single-player mission would feel very natural on the PC thanks to its reactive combat system and how it focuses on stealth. At the same time, porting the game over to the PC could make its already stellar multiplayer add-on even more of a must-play now that you can raid with more people than ever before.

There's also the possibility that securing Ghost of Tsushima could make Epic rethink how little modding support there is on the Epic Games Store.

We already know just how much a PC modding community can do for the longevity of a game. Sure, there's no doubt that Ghost of Tsushima will go down as a timeless classic. A movie adaptation of the game is even in the works. However, opening Ghost of Tsushima up to mods on the PC could help make the game look and play even better than it currently does.

Killzone Quintology

First Party Sony Titles On Epic Games Store
A compilation of all four Killzone games on the PC could help reinvigorate the franchise.

Guerilla Games' former pet project, the Killzone franchise, has been put on the backburner now that the studio is busy working on Horizon Forbidden West.

Still, what if Guerilla Games had a bit of extra time on their hands and were given a financial incentive to go back and work on the Killzone games, even if only to remaster and give them a fresh coat of paint?

If we're being honest, only the first Killzone game from 2004 would need extensive work. Subsequent games still hold up relatively well today. The latest one, Killzone Shadow Fall, which was a PS4 launch title, even looks amazing by today's standards.

Considering that Steam has the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it's only natural that Epic Games Store land one of its main competitors back in the day and let players enjoy the Killzone games with a mouse and keyboard.


First Party Sony Titles On Epic Games Store
Dreams on PC would be a literal dream come true (get it?).

Speaking of a game that could finally force Epic's hand and make the Epic Games Store support modding more, what first-party Sony game out there is better suited to be ported over to the PC than Dreams, which is literally a game that lets you create something from absolutely nothing?

Dreams is basically Minecraft on steroids. It's a game that lets players craft a world beyond their wildest imaginations.

Seriously, we've seen players recreate entire games like Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill on Dreams.

Porting over Dreams to the PC where players have more tools at their disposal is a recipe for a creative disaster in every good way possible.

Gran Turismo 7

First Party Sony Titles On Epic Games Store
We're probably not alone in wanting to see how good Gran Turismo 7 would look in 8K on the PC.

The next numbered Gran Turismo game, Gran Turismo 7, isn't even released yet. We probably shouldn't expect it to release anytime soon either. However, once it does release, it would be a pretty big deal for Epic Games Store to secure it on their digital games distribution platform, even if it might take a while for the port to come.

We know that PC players will shell out money for a good racing sim. Forza Horizon 4's release on Steam saw the game skyrocket to the top of the sales chart for weeks.

While this isn't to say that Gran Turismo 7 is as good as Forza Horizon 4 (for all that we know, it could end up being the better game), but it would be a big deal for Epic to land a deal with Sony to port Gran Turismo 7 to the PC as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store, even if it costs the company a huge chunk of its budget.

God of War

First Party Sony Titles On Epic Games Store
Since PC gamers already got Horizon Zero Dawn, why not give them God of War as well?

With God of War: Ragnarok set to release sometime in 2021 or 2022, it would be a great idea to port 2018's God of War to the PC to help generate even more hype.

Seeing a more toned down but still very much capable of wanton destruction version of Kratos on the PC would be nothing short of amazing. Also, similar to Ghost of Tsushima, the combat mechanics and exploration would mesh perfectly with a mouse and keyboard on the PC. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Kratos wreak havoc on the highest graphics setting possible at 8K resolution?

To get a good idea as to what potentially God of War on the PC could look like, you only need to look at Horizon Zero Dawn.

Admittedly, Horizon Zero Dawn wasn't a perfect PC port at launch. It was met with a lot of technical issues and was unplayable for some. However, it didn't take too long for Guerilla Games to sort things out. Once that happened, Horizon Zero Dawn's PC version became the definitive way to enjoy the action-adventure title.

If Epic can do that with God of War, then they'll probably see a lot more gamers switch platforms and happily give them their money.

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