The first Ozark Season 4 trailer teases an explosive finale

The first full trailer for the first half of Ozark's final season on Netflix is finally here.

Missouri's most unlikely but lethal money launderers are fully operational once again, with Netflix dropping the first-ever trailer for the final season of Ozark ahead of its January 21 premiere. It appears that things are just as bloody as ever for the Byrdes. Not to mention, the husband and wife duo now have managed to rope in their 14-year-old boy, Jonah, into the family business.

The Byrde's might be the most powerful they've ever been in Season 4, but their threats are about to get worse as well.

The first full trailer for Ozark Season 4 is full of tension

Whether Marty will succeed or not in getting the Byrde's out of the now-family business is anyone's guess.

Technically, this isn't the first trailer for Ozark Season 4. Back in September of last year, Netflix teased audiences with a small glimpse of what to expect from Ozark's upcoming season. Less than a month later, the streaming giant confirmed when the first half of the fourth season of Ozark will be released. Now, with a new trailer, fans just got a better look at what cleaning up money for the Mexican drug cartel has taken the Byrdes.

For starters, one of the biggest revelations of the clip is Ruth switching sides to Darlene Snell to help her revive her heroin trade. Meanwhile, Omar Navarro gives the Byrdes what they've always wanted - a way out of their deal with the devil. We also find out that there's a potential deal with the FBI in the works. But, just as the trailer warns, "No one gets out clean," so we can expect things to get messy for the upcoming season.

Jason Bateman will be back with Laura Linney as Marty Bryde and Wendy Bryde, respectively, for Ozark Season 4. The Award-winning actress Julia Garner will reprise her role as Ruth Langmore as well as Felix Solis also in for the ride, as the cartel boss.

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn't confirmed when part 2 of Season 4 is going to release. At this point, it might be at least a year before we find out how things work out in the end for the Byrde family.

Many have likened Ozark to Breaking Bad, especially as both stories tell a complicated plot and feature unassuming families that are involved with very dark matters. The Byrdes, in particular, have dealt with a lot in the past three seasons. On top of the Navarro cartel constantly threatening them, the Snell clan and Kansas City Mafia are all breathing down their necks as well. Although Season 3 saw the Byrdes coming out on top, it also gave birth to the unlikely alliance between Darlene and Ruth, as we mentioned earlier.

Only time will tell if the Byrdes have a happy ending ahead of them once Ozark wraps up. But, we can guarantee that lead actor Jason Bateman is going to bring his A-game once again.

Over the years, Jason has earned nominations from the Emmys, Golden Globe Awards, and SAG Awards, among others, for his role as the family patriarch, Marty Bryde. Meanwhile, Julia Garner won two Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for two years in a row for her portrayal of Marty's former protege, Ruth Langmore.

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