The first official Fast X trailer is four minutes of awesome guilty pleasure

Brie Larson and Jason Momoa make their official debuts in the Fast and Furious universe in the trailer for the series' penultimate outing.

Domonic Torreto can go on about his willingness to do anything for his family, but he's not exactly blameless or without his fair share of demons. Every villain he takes out leaves a family member out for revenge. Case in point, Jason Momoa, who'll join Fast X as the series' latest villain, will try and avenge his father, Hernan Reyes, the bad guy that Dom and his family stole their $100 million from in Fast Five.

The First Official Fast X Trailer Is Four Minutes Of Awesome Guilty Pleasure
Five movies later, Dom's iconic "This is Brazil" moment is being used against him.

Judging by the looks of it, Momoa is pissed and will stop at nothing to get back what Torreto stole from him. Lucky for Dom, his family's grown since, so he'll at least have more backup this time around. In addition to himself, Mia, Roman, Tej, Han, Ramsey, Shaw, Letty, and Jakob have all joined as well. But, as the series loves to say, the stakes are higher than ever. With Dom's son now all grown up, Momoa's character, Dante, naturally makes a play at him.

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Aside from the names we just mentioned, the official Fast X trailer also introduces Rita Moreno as Dom's Abuelita and Brie Larson as someone who's lending Dom a hand.

We'll find out soon enough, when Fast X premieres in movie theaters on May 19, if the beginning of the end of the road for the franchise can pave the way for future spin-offs.

As one of the most profitable and longest-running cinematic franchises in Hollywood, the Fast and Furious films have seen their fair share of conflicts. The biggest one arguably involves The Rock and Vin Diesel, but the mega feud between these two stars isn't the only public conflict.

Last year, longtime franchise director, Justin Lin, reportedly quit Fast X due to creative differences. Louis Leterrier later took over the helm and things don't seem less like a proper Fast and Furious film despite the last-minute change.

It's unclear if Leterrier will come back to direct Fast 11.

The First Official Fast X Trailer Is Four Minutes Of Awesome Guilty Pleasure
It's crazy to think that this all started with a bunch of street racers who stole DVD players.

Speaking of coming back, The Rock still isn't out of the Fast and Furious series. He's slated to reprise his role as Luke Hobbs in a future sequel to one of the series' spin-offs. Also, the introduction of Brie Larson in Fast X is expected to lead to an all-female Fast film. Finally, although she wasn't seen in the trailers, sources believe that Gal Gadot will return as Han's love interest, Gisele Yashar, in Fast X.

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