The first Halo Infinite multiplayer preview will kick off on July 29

343 has already sent out the invitations for the lucky few.

343 Industries is fighting an uphill battle. Halo Infinite is already a year late. Not to mention, the game didn't exactly start on the right foot with its incredibly weak initial reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase last year.

This weekend will mark the first time that 343 Industries is opening up Halo Infinite's multiplayer to a wider audience.

However, you can't help but admire the studios' effort. 343 has essentially rebuilt Halo from the ground up and is taking its time preparing the game for its upcoming release in the holiday season.

After spending the past few months getting Halo Infinite past its Alpha stage, 343 Industries is finally ready to invite players to participate in the first-ever Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview.

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When is the Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview start date?

Numerous Halo Insider members have begun receiving invites like this since July 28.

A little less than a week after 343 Industries announced that a Halo Infinite technical preview was coming, the Microsoft first-party studio has begun sending out invites for the said test.

According to the invites, the first Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview will start on July 29 and run until August 1.

The multiplayer mode trial period will likely be the first of many. 343 will want to make sure that the first time it launches a free-to-player multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite is a success.

The first technical test will see the selected players test out the game's AI and online performance. It will also take place across three maps and include multiple game modes.

343 Industries confirmed that it will try to switch things up throughout the entire test weekend by introducing a series of challenges. At the same time, the developers explained that the bots included in the test are not pushovers. So, don't think that you can get away without bringing your A-game - the studio warns that these bots have quirks.

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The first technical preview of Halo Infinite will also let invited players try out other aspects of the game as well. This is including how to interact with the UI, like using the in-game store and interacting with challenges, as well as using all the weapons available in the game via the Weapon Drills firing range, and the new Halo Waypoint web, and mobile app.

How did 343 Industries decide which players to invite for the Halo Infinite preview?

Try not to worry too much if you didn't get invited. There'll be plenty more chances in the coming weeks.

Understandably, some players feel disappointed after not receiving an invite to 343 Industries' first Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview.

343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard took to Twitter to detail the selection process.

He clarified that multiple factors play a role and explained that even though the studio invited "a lot" of Halo Insider program members, the studio just could not invite everyone because of how the program has expanded lately. He also lets audiences know that 343 Industries prioritizes program members with tenure and complete Halo Insider profiles.

Finally, Jerrard ends his tweet by saying that people who believe that they met the criteria might want to wait or check their spam or junk folders.

What's next for Halo Infinite?

According to Phil Spencer, Halo Infinite is on track to release on Holiday 2021. Just when exactly is what's up in the air right now.

But, there are several things we're sure of with respect to the latest installment in Microsoft's AAA shooter franchise. For example, we know that it will have a separate free-to-play multiplayer mode that is expected to launch alongside the paid campaign.

343 Industries will unveil more details about Halo Infinite in the coming months and we will also keep you updated as to how this initial multiplayer preview progresses!

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