The Rock lets audiences preview the first four minutes of Jungle Cruise

If you haven't found the time to watch Jungle Cruise yet, Dwayne Johnson's got the first four-minutes for you covered.

If you're excited to see Disney's Jungle Cruise, you're not alone. Fans have wanted to see Disney's latest tourist attraction-turned-movie ever since it premiered a few days ago on July 30.

The Rock is just like the gift that keeps on giving.

Although fans and even critics now have the chance to watch the new Disney movie, not everyone has had the time to do so yet. Thankfully, one of the film's stars, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has treated fans to a preview of the first four minutes of Jungle Cruise, to tide audiences over.

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Is Disney's Jungle Cruise movie worth watching?

At this point, Disney's Jungle Cruise has been out for a week already and critics seem to have divided opinions over it. However, in terms of finances, the film seems to have done rather well.

Although it did not break box office records, it had a worldwide start of $91.8 million, $61.8M of which came from the Global Box Office with the other $30M coming from Disney+ Premier Access.

Even if it's difficult to assess just how successful the film would have been in non-pandemic circumstances, grossing nearly half of its $200 budget before its first week is not bad.

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With that said, the more interesting fact here is just how much money the film made from Premier Access.

For $29.99, Premiere Access lets audiences watch theatrical release films on Disney+. The feature hasn't been available for a long time, but it's proven to be quite the lucrative venture for Disney.

Emily Blunt stars alongside Johnson in Disney's Jungle Cruise.

Unfortunately, it hasn't exactly been without its fair share of controversies. In fact, Premier Access is the main reason why the Black Widow star, Scarlett Johansson, decided to sue Disney in the first place. Johansson argues that Disney's decision to release Black Widow on Premier Access hurt ticket sales and affected her payout from her final MCU film.

There are also reports that Emma Stone is considering taking legal action for her film, Cruella, which was also released on Premier Access at the same time it premiered in theaters.

On the other hand, while Johansson seems so vehemently against Disney's position on the matter, Johnson is all for it.

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