The first-ever PlayStation 5 price cut is live in Europe and the UK

Curiously only, only the Standard Edition of the PlayStation 5 is available for a lower price for a limited time.

This is the cheapest that the Standard Edition of the PlayStation 5 has been since it came out.

As per the earlier rumors, Sony has officially rolled out a price reduction for the PlayStation 5 across several markets, which is the most substantial official discount since the console's launch in November 2020. This price cut is currently available in certain parts of Europe, including Ireland and Germany, as well as the UK and India. The biggest price cut sees the PS5 Standard Edition sold for as low as 16 percent of its retail price. 

In the UK, the PS5's price has plunged from the regular £479.99 to a stunning £399.99. This sale, which is valid until August 10, offers more savings than even the launch price of £449.99, which was adjusted last year due to a PS5 price hike outside the US. Retailers including Argos and Currys are selling the console for £399.99, with Currys sweetening the deal by including a copy of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Similarly, German buyers can enjoy a €75 price drop until August 7, with Amazon Germany offering the PS5 for €459.99. At the same time, the PlayStation Summer Sale also sees prices slashed on PS5 bundles, accessories, and software, adding to the all-around savings.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is set to come out on October 20.

The price promotions come on the heels of Sony's announcement that it has sold a whopping 40 million PS5 units since its launch nearly three years ago. Despite facing unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sony tripled the number of consoles it shipped from January to March this year to 6.3 million units, compared to 2 million in the same period last year.

These discounts could also be indicative of Sony clearing its stock of the launch model in anticipation of the rumored PS5 Slim model.

According to multiple leaks, the PS5 Slim, which is more of a redesign than anything else, will arrive before the year ends with a potential announcement in September. The tech giant hasn't confirmed these reports yet, but its chief rival, Microsoft, referenced the rumors in the recent FTC v. Microsoft hearing.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a new potential console seller that will make you want to get your hands on a PS5 given the current prices.

The potential PS5 Slim, which would maintain the same price point as the Digital Edition of the PS5, could offer consumers the choice to add a disc drive later. This is speculated as part of Sony's push for digital games as the primary platform for sales, leading to larger profits for the company. This aligns with the industry's overall shift towards a more digital-centric model to help reduce manufacturing costs. But, some hope that this means Sony will continue selling physical editions if only as part of the more expensive variants with collectibles.

Amid the speculations and price drops, one thing is clear: if you've been waiting for an opportunity to get your hands on the PS5, this is your moment. With the PS5's demand still high and supply finally catching up, coupled with the substantial price cuts, it's likely that stocks could run out fast.

Nevertheless, the PlayStation Summer Sale is in full swing, allowing you to make the leap to the current console generation. Discounts on PS5 bundles, accessories, and games make this the perfect time to have a current-gen console. Considering the PS5's power and versatility, especially the option to use physical disc copies of games with the disc console, this is an opportunity that gaming enthusiasts shouldn't miss.

The PlayStation 5 is no longer on pace to outsell the PlayStation 4 but it still has time to catch up.

Regardless of the truth, the price cut, following last year's price hike, is a win for consumers, who can now acquire the PS5 at a substantial discount.

So, if you live in the said territories, don't let this chance slip. With Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth both coming out in the next six months, you'll have at least two AAA titles to look forward to with Final Fantasy 16 keeping you busy in the interim.

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