Dwayne Johnson makes DCEU debut official in first Black Adam trailer

The "hierarchy of power in the DC universe" is indeed about to change now that we've seen actual footage of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's take on Black Adam.

Most people know Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as one of the biggest people in Hollywood. He's also the rare breed of superstar that many can't help but sing praises about how good of a person he really is. This is why it might seem surprising to think that The Rock got his start, both in wrestling and in the Hollywood industry, playing bad guys. Johnson's wrestling persona, The Rock, was more of a charismatic heel than a hero when he first started. At the same time, Johnson's first role on the big screen was as the villainous Scorpion King.

First Black Adam Trailer
DC FanDome 2021 did not disappoint as it gave audiences their first look at Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam in a brief but tense trailer.

Several years and films later, Johnson is now back to playing the bad guy.

Johnson feels like he was "born to play Black Adam"

First Black Adam Trailer
Black Adam is Dwayne Johnson's first movie character who isn't considered a good guy.

At the DC FanDome event last Saturday, Johnson presented the first-ever trailer for the upcoming DCEU film, Black Adam. Before the trailer dropped, Johnson took his time to hype up Black Adam. He promised viewers that they'll see huge action sequences with breathtaking scenes. Considering that the entire internet is all praise for Black Adam right now, it's safe to say that Johnson delivered.

After spending several minutes teasing Black Adam, Johnson finally revealed what appears to be an early scene from the movie. It shows two archeologists who are accompanied by a group of soldiers waking up Black Adam by mistake. After a bolt of lightning appears, a massive hooded figure shows up that quickly dispatches all the armed personnel around him. This person is later revealed to be Johnson's Black Adam (duh?), who then flexes his strength and speed by catching a bullet in midair and taking to the sky just as the film's title appears.

We've known for quite a while just how "different" Black Adam was going to be from previous DCEU films. Johnson teased how powerful Black Adam is earlier this year, saying that he's different from Superman in that Black Adam is not afraid to use lethal force.

Judging by how he just turned a soldier to dust right in front of our eyes, Johnson wasn't kidding.

If all goes well, we'll see Johnson grace the big screen as Black Adam on July 29, 2022. The Johnson-led superhero movie features an ensemble cast surrounding Johnson that includes Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate and Noah Cintineo as the Atom Smasher. Other notable figures include Quintessa Swindell, Sarah Shahi, and Aldis Hodge. Jaume Collet-Serra is the director of Black Adam.

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