The AEW game will reportedly come out in September

All Elite Wrestling's first video game is being developed by former WWE series developer, Yuke's.

After breaking away from the WWE IP in 2018, Yuke's kept itself busy with other endeavors. However, after two years away from working on wrestling games, the Osaka-based studio returned to doing what it did best. Only this time, Yuke's took its talents to a different professional wrestling promotion.

First Aew Game Out In September
All Elite Wrestling is confident that it can compensate for its first game's lack of graphical fidelity in other aspects.

After working exclusively on WWE games for decades, Yuke's was handed the helm to a wrestling sim based on WWE's biggest competitor in years - All Elite Wrestling. Unfortunately, since its initial announcement, the wrestling game, which is rumored to be called AEW Fight Forever, does not have a release date yet.

According to a recent report, Yuke's first wrestling game in four years is coming out in September. A paywalled Fightful Select report that later found its way on Reddit suggested that the AEW wrestling game is coming in September.

Not only that, but the game has reportedly already secured a publisher. The news comes just weeks after the filing of a videogame trademark for AEW: Fight Forever. Unfortunately, the source of the rumor wants to clarify that the September release window is tentative, so things may and probably will change.

First Aew Game Out In September
Kenny Omega is reportedly determined for the AEW console game to be successful.

Speaking of WWE 2K22, the latest wrestling sim from 2K Sports is a vast improvement over the studio's more recent outings following Yuke's departure. The situation has gotten better to the point where rumors of WWE jumping ship to work together with Electronic Arts have stopped.

WWE 2K22 players are currently looking forward to seeing a plethora of DLC characters come to the game in the next few months, which includes Logan Paul and Ronda Rousey, among others.

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