Fireword is just like Wordle, but for gamers. The Fireword of the day is always a word related to video games in some way. It could be a game title, character, genre, jargon, meme or well-known industry company or person. The word will always be four to six letters long (shown by the number of tiles you see on each row) and you solve the puzzle by guessing word correctly within six tries. How to play.

How to play

  1. To start off, think of a word related to video games that is between four to six letters long. Maybe something like "FRAG". Type it in using the on-screen keyboard and then press enter. Note that you must always submit an actual word, a random string of letters or a made-up word won't be accepted.
  2. When you press enter, each letter of your guessed word will change color. A blue highlighted letter means that it is the correct letter in the correct spot. An orange highlighted letter means that you have the correct letter, but it is in the wrong position. The letter background will remain gray if the letter is not in the word of of the day at all.
  3. Using these clues, about which letters are in the solution and where they go, make more guesses until you get the correct word. You have six attempts to guess it.


You can view your playing statistics by clicking graph icon in the top right. You can also share your results with your friends.

Come back

Each day there is a brand new word to guess, so come back and keep your winning streak up!

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