Firebase Z - How To Turn On Power & Build Pack-A-Punch Machine

As always, as per the zombies' "tradition," turning on power is the first step in any zombies map. Similarly, you need to first turn on Firebase Z's power to access most of the map locations.

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If you're new to Firebase Z, then this guide is exactly what you need. This article walks you through the process of turning on the power to Firebase Z and building the Pack-A-Punch machine. These are the fundamentals of any map in zombies' mode.

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Turning On Power

When you first spawn into the game, you will be in the village from the campaign. You will find yourself in the Courtyard.

To the left, just past the tree, is the Atrium, where you will find an inactive Pack-A-Punch machine and a room with a glass window. There will be a person inside who will be your informant from Russia, a person named Ravenov.

The first thing you need to do is open the door to the Equipment Storage for 1,250 points. There will be a purple arrow above the door, so you won't miss it.

Go upstairs and out to the balcony through the broken wall.

You will find a teleporter here that will teleport you to Firebase Z. The teleportation through this portal is free of cost. So you can go back and forth without worrying about spending points. The jump pads, however, are a different story.

Once you go through the portal, you will end up at the main central area of Firebase Z called the 'Helipad.' There will be a crashed helicopter.

You will notice three indicators around the map called "Aether Reactor." You need to activate these Aether Reactors to bring the power back online around the base. You can do it in any order.

First, let's go to the one on the far left-hand side of the map. Open the main gate with a red star on it for 1,000 points and go through to the area called Open Lot.

Go up the stairs past the planning offices and keep following the purple arrow until you come across another locked door in an area called OPC. Open the locked door for 1,250 points.

Go through, and you will be in the Mission Control area. You will find your first Aether Reactor in here.

Once inside, activate the Aether Reactor for 500 points, and you will see two bars appear under your mini-map.

You will also see two "Protect" indicators on the collection units. You must protect these collection units while filling them up with zombie souls simultaneously. You must kill the zombies and fill it up until the "Charge" bar under the mini-map is filled.

Once full, the Aether Reactor will cause an explosion, and all the zombies in the vicinity will die from the blast radius.

You must do the same with the other two Aether Reactors as well.

Return to the Helipad area once again and this time go through the middle gate by opening it for 1,000 points to reach the Barracks area.

Go through the Barracks area and turn right. Go up the stairs, and you will come across another locked door that can be opened for 1,250 points leading into the Data Center.

Once inside, go downstairs and activate the Aether Reactor. Repeat the same process of collecting the souls into the collection units while protecting them from the zombies. Once your bar is full, a burst of the explosion will take out the remaining zombies.

Go back to the Helipad area and unlock the last gate to the right for 1,000 points to take you to the Motor Pool area.

Go inside, and turn right to find another locked door that you can open for 1,250. Always remember to follow the purple arrows. Opening this door will take you to the Military Command area.

Moving forward, you will find the Aether Reactor in an open area just past a few doors. Repeat the same soul collection and protection process one last time, and upon completion of this one, your power will come back online.

Pack-A-Punch Machine

After turning on the power, return to the spawn village and approach the Pack-A-Punch machine. It will automatically be built for you. You do not have to find any parts like Die Maschine Pack-A-Punch building and activation process.

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