Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hidden Dancer Class Guide

The Dancer class has been a staple of the Fire Emblem series, but unlike its predecessors, the Dancer class is hidden in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and you have to complete a side a quest in order to unlock it. The game describes the class as follows:

The Dancer energizes allies with inspiring movement, allowing them to act again. This class also wields magic.

Essentially, it's a support class that buffs your team while also maintaining the status of sword wielder. Here, you can find all the information you need to know about the hidden Dancer class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, including how to unlock the class, stat bonuses, abilities, and more.

How to Unlock the Dancer Class

Before we dive into how to actually unlock the Dancer class, it's important to be aware that you get only one chance to unlock the Dancer class. There are no do-overs so be sure to follow all the steps carefully.

The Dancer class can be unlocked as the prize for winning the White Heron Cup, a dance competition in the monastery. When the 9th chapter rolls around, which is the 12th Etheral Moon month, the monastery staff will inform you of a dance contest later in the month. Each house selects one representative to go forth and participate in the contest.

To start the quest, you'd want to talk to Lady Rhea and accept her side quest titled "The White Heron Cup." When you accept the side-quest, a new dialogue option will appear when you talk to students that will allow you to enlist them in the contest.

Talk to Rhea to unlock the White Heron Side Quest
Talk to Rhea to unlock the White Heron Side Quest

Some of the students might volunteer or beg you not to nominate them, but these dialogues can be misleading. The White Heron Cup is a game of charm, as Manuela would tell you. Manuela would also tell you the charm stat of previous year's winner, so as long as your champion's charm stat is about that, you'll have a pretty good chance of winning the dance contest.

Hence, to start with, choose the student who has the highest charm stat on your roster. Practising dance lessons with them will add another 5 points to their charm and inviting them to tea party will also buff their charm stats.

Attending the dance practise with your champion to buff their charm stat

The White Heron Cup is held during the third week of the 12th moon. As long as you you nominate someone by the second week and buff their charm stat above last year's winner's charm, you'll have an almost certain chance of unlocking the Dancer class.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dancer Class Stats

Statistic Bonus
Movement +2
Strength +1
Defence +2
Dexterity +3
Resistance +1
Speed +3
Charm +2
  • +2 Sword
  • +2 Authority

Dancer Class Abilities

The spot light ability of the the Dancer class is, well, the Dance ability. Basically, it's a support ability that allows an ally to make a move again on the same turn. The dance ability works on allies even if they've moved already on that turn.

For all out combat, the Dancer class is equipped with unique 'Sword Dance' Combat Art move. The Sword Dance ability deals bonus damage based on charm stats, so higher the charm, more the damage.

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