FiNN LMG Custom Class for COD: Warzone

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Below is our recommended FiNN LMG loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The FiNN LMG is one of those LMGs that offers you a wide range of customization options, allowing for a more specific and personalized build. It has a large number of attachments that enable players to tailor the weapon to suit a variety of playstyles.

Our custom class setup focuses on minimum recoil, maximum damage range, and decent mobility. You won't be the fastest, but you won't be the slowest either. This build is more of a hybrid between an LMG and an AR, much like our Bruen class.

You need to ensure that your weapon is ranked up to at least level 52. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. You can also check out our guide on all the attachments for every weapon along with their unlock level requirements.

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You should select the trusty Monolithic Suppressor as your Muzzle attachment. The Monolithic Suppressor is hands down the best Muzzle attachment for pretty much every weapon in this game.

The Monolithic Suppressor provides not only sound suppression, but also excellent damage range. This damage range, combined with your extended barrel attachment, gives you incredible overall damage range, which is one of the main stats you must focus on when building your loadout for Warzone.

The Monolithic Suppressor for the FiNN LMG unlocks at level 52.


The FiNN LMG has a variety of different Barrels to choose from. At first, you might even be overwhelmed looking at the list of all the available Barrels. The one particular Barrel that you're looking for is the XRK LongShot Adverse (not to confuse with XRK LongShot Advantage).

This Barrel attachment will turn your LMG into a truly fearsome weapon. It will increase your damage range, bullet velocity, and fire rate. The main highlight of this Barrel attachment is the fire rate buff.

You get the maximum possible fire rate on this weapon with a minor penalty to your ADS speed, movement speed, and recoil control. The ADS speed is not as slow as we thought it would be, so you're all good to go in that department, as the Tac laser compensates for that. The recoil is also not too bad, and maintaining control is a breeze thanks to the Optic and Underbarrel attachment we use.

The XRK LongShot Adverse unlocks at level 39.


As mentioned above, your Laser attachment should be the Tac Laser to compensate for the decreased ADS speed. The Tac Laser will give you an increased ADS speed for faster aiming. But the benefits do not just stop there.

The Tac Laser on the FiNN LMG also gives you better-aiming stability and aim walking steadiness so that you can easily land those medium to high range shots while strafing.

Tac Laser unlocks at level 49.


A player favorite Optic returns for this loadout as well - you should choose the VLK 3.0x as your Optic attachment. It gives you an incredible magnification and a clean sight that allows you to take out opponents at medium to high range very easily.

The VLK 3.0x Optic is also known to reduce your recoil by a small margin. This allows you to take out players at range comfortably.

The VLK 3.0x Optic unlocks at level 14.


Finally, your last attachment is the Commando Foregrip, as your Underbarrel. The reason we select Commando Foregrip over the Merc Foregrip is to avoid any more ADS speed reduction while at the same time get even better recoil control.

The Commando Foregrip on the FiNN LMG offers increased recoil control and aiming stability. The Commando Foregrip unlocks at level 4.

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