Netflix goes all-in with final Lucifer season trailer

Lucifer isn't about to go half-cocked into its final season.

Netflix has seen a lot of success following its decision to pick up Lucifer from Fox at the end of the show's third season back in 2018. Under the streaming platform's guidance, Lucifer has seen its best run yet, with audiences not being able to get enough of seasons 4 and 5.

Lucifer's sixth season is going to be its last.

With that said, it appears that Netflix is gearing up to ensure that the comedy-drama series finishes up on a high note.

After seeing Lucifer, who is portrayed by Tom Ellis, contend with his twin brother, Michael (also portrayed by Tom Ellis), and reconcile with his father, the almighty God (Dennis Haysbert), season 6 will see Lucifer ascend to the throne and try to become The Big Guy himself.

Judging by the first Lucifer season 6 trailer, this isn't going to be simple.

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All bad things come to an end in the final Lucifer season trailer

Who's up for another Lucifer musical?

With the full, final Lucifer season trailer now released, Netflix has given fans even more things to look forward to when the the shows begins its final season this coming September 10, 2021.

But, before anything else, we'd like to remind you that we're going to spoil the end of season 5 a bit. So, if you haven't watched the latest season of Lucifer yet, we recommend that you skip our article for now and circle back later on.

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Now that's over with, let's talk about the final Lucifer season trailer.

To no one's surprise, the final season of Lucifer will continue where season 5 ended - Lucifer's struggle now he's set to reign over heaven and earth as God is still front and center. However, it's not just Lucifer's personal dilemmas (and the occasional murder mystery) that are putting a damper on things. Certain forces are also looking to make sure that Lucifer doesn't become God.

Ultimately, the final Lucifer season trailer does a great job of teasing certain big events that are set to happen. At the same time, it does an even better job at not revealing everything.

We know that Lucifer is going to have both external and internal struggles as he becomes God, which also coincides with what looks like a series of apocalyptic events. Just what exactly is going on and what Lucifer, as well as the rest of the gang, must stop is something that the trailer doesn't reveal, which is ultimately what will make the final season of Lucifer such a draw.

We can only hope that the 10-episode season - the least number of episodes since season 4 - is enough to wrap up most if not all the show's loose ends.

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