Final Fantasy XVI Will be Action-Oriented With Heavy Focus on Story

Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) revealed more details about Final Fantasy XVI, despite being invited on the One Morning radio show to talk about Final Fantasy XIV. When asked what fans can expect for the upcoming game, Yoshida explained that the studio is putting a strong focus on two elements, (if you are like me who enjoys turn-based combat, brace yourself) action(!!) and story.

Clive is the protagonist of the game and Joshua is his brother. Both are royalty of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria.
Clive is the protagonist of the game and Joshua is his brother. Both are royalty of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria.

Right? Couldn't agree more with him.

He was also asked about how the game will cater to an audience that is not a big fan of action. About this, he answered that a mode and other support systems are being made for those who aren't experts in action-games to fully enjoy the game experience. Among the changes will be the possibility of using simpler controls. The game may include a Story Mode like some did, a difficulty level for those who want to sit back and enjoy the plot without facing the game over screen.

It is worth noting that it's been revealed that Ryota Suzuki, a designer who worked at Capcom on projects such as Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma, is at Square Enix as battle director of a new AAA title in Square Enix's 3rd Business Development Division, the same division as Naoki Yoshida. While some hope the game will be a hybrid between action and turn-based combat, like Final Fantasy VII Remake, some wish for a less wonky version of Final Fantasy XV's gameplay. Particularly, I just want party members for Clive.

With only one trailer released, Final Fantasy XVI still hides several mysteries about its story, but Yoshi-P let slip a little more about this in one of the questions asked by the show's host. He explained that while he couldn't reveal much, he sought to make a game for those who know how difficult life can be at times but still enjoyable.

According to him, the game addresses the kind of anguish that people experience when they achieve adulthood. Also according to the producer, these were elements that were present in FFXIV and will be part of the next game. It will be a fantasy for those who grew up with the saga and know the harsh reality of the world.

Other than that, Yoshi-P backed down and said he would yell at himself if he continued to give more information. "I already revealed too much about the game," he said.

Recently, in an interview with the Washington Post, Yoshida talked about why the games he works on don't get as many trailers. “We don’t want to say something that’s half-baked and cause speculation on the title,” Yoshida said. “With any Final Fantasy fan, depending on which Final Fantasy title is your jam, the point that you get excited will tend to differ." IMHO, it's a good strategy, considering how high the bar is for the Final Fantasy series and how far people speculated with only one trailer.

Final Fantasy XVI has no release date yet and it's a PS5 exclusive, for now.

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