Final Fantasy XIV Gets an Anime-Style Trailer

Even after almost ten years, the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is still a huge success and surprising its fans in a positive way. This time, the game got a special new commercial with incredible anime-style animation.

He checks his list of chores on his cell phone like quests. Will I also gain faster levels if I organize like that?

You can see the trailer for yourself in the video below, but since the animation was made for fans in South Korea, and if you are like me, who cannot even say "hotdog, please" in Korean, you may not be able to understand it completely. Unfortunately, it does not yet have subtitles or an English version, but this may not take long to happen.

Still, the trailer is well worth a look, as you can get a good sense of what the Miqo'te is doing as he walks around Limsa Lominsa. At first, the character gives all his attention to the main quests, but as he explores the city, he sees that it offers many more possibilities, such as performing as a bard or investing himself in the craft of fishing or blacksmithing. You notice him exploring other classes, like Archer and Gladiator, or simply enjoying a refreshing afternoon alongside other characters.

In summary, all the features and benefits of an adventurer's life in Eorzea, which by the way, can be you (and as a long-term player, I recommend! On the plus side, for anyone who is a fan of the MMO, it is great to see such a beautiful tribute to the game in this different format.

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Considering that the new expansion called Endwalker was recently announced, there is no denying that this short anime is a great way to appeal to new and old fans of Final Fantasy XIV. For those interested, you can play the free trial of the game on PS4 and PC until level 60 and the first expansion, Heavensward. There's also a PS5 version in Square Enix's plans, set to release April 13 along with the game’s next update, Death Unto Dawn.

Murillo Zerbinatto
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