Final Fantasy XIV Best Tank Class Tier Of Patch 5.4

All of the classes in Final Fantasy XIV are so incredibly balanced that you can clear the endgame playing any one of them. However, there are things here and there that push particular classes to be objectively better than the others. In this guide, we are going to rank the best tanks in Final Fantasy XI,V with patch 5.4 in mind.

If you want the best healing class tier list, we also have that for you.

The Paladin

The Paladin's Hallowed Ground renders them invincible

The Paladin has the vastest arsenal of defensive abilities when compared to other tanks and is unparalleled in damage mitigation and supporting potential. This particular patch reintroduced the Paladin’s incredible damage. Hence, the Paladin is considered the best tank class in Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4.

A Paladin’s gameplay revolves around the upkeep of Goring Blade while doing physical or magical attacks. These attacks come in phases of Fight or Flight and Requiescat, and in rotating these phases, you effectively have a two-thirds uptime of some form of damage buff. The Paladin is best known for their huge supporting capabilities that strengthen the survivability of the entire party. Use of their support skills like Cover, Intervention, Clemency, Passage of Arms, and Divine Veil is the Paladin's staple.

The Dark Knight

The Blackest Night is the Dark Knight's best skill

The Dark Knight is a strong offensive class, especially for a tank. However, it is significantly weaker than the Gunbreaker or the Paladin classes. Paired with its other mitigation tools, the Dark Knight shines against target damage, especially when support is needed for a tanking mate or other party members. The Dark Knight is the most enduring tank with its signature ability: the Living Dead. The Living Dead is a double-edged sword that needs you to have a competent healer.

While under the effect of Walking Dead, most attacks will not lower your HP below 1. If, before the Walking Dead timer runs out, HP is 100% restored, the effect will fade. If 100% is not restored, you will be KO'd. Your healer needs to be laser-focused on restoring you while you are under the effect of the Living Dead. Activating the Living Dead is the only time the Dark Knight is dependent on their healer. Otherwise, the Dark Knight can continue to tank for the team without much assistance from a healer.

The Gunbreaker

The Gunbreaker can both give and receive heavy amounts of damage

The Gunbreaker dishes the most damage of all the Tank classes. However, their lead against the Paladin in the damage-dealing department is not really substantial. The Gunbreaker’s passive utility is superior though compared to the Paladin’s, though.

However, this is a tank class, not a DPS class.  The Gunbreaker’s higher damage output does not make them better than the Paladin, or even the other tank classes per se. The Gunbreaker does not have the ability to rely on dangerous situations. In hairy situations, the Gunbreaker is the most unequipped to prevent themselves from dying.

The Warrior

The Warrior is still great but the rest of the tank class is just better

The truth is, the latest patch did not really provide anything of note to the tank class, except Paladin’s damage. In previous expansions like the Stormblood and Heavensward, the Warrior’s level scaling is an important aspect of playing the class. After several patches, this is not a thing anymore. In the damage output department, the Warrior is definitely the weakest. Nonetheless, the Warrior is still a defensive specialist as they have lots of self-mitigation and sustainability. It is also one of the most enjoyable classes to play especially inside dungeons. The Warrior may not be the sexiest pick anymore, yet, they are still a blast to play.

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