Final Fantasy VII Remake may be coming to Xbox soon

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been long-anticipated by Xbox gamers. Every hint that the game is coming is a newfound joy.

I have a cousin who is a Final Fantasy VII fanatic. To this day, his email is his name with the suffix FF7. When FFVII Remake was announced, he was thrilled, even though he never had the opportunity to buy a Playstation 4 due to personal reasons. With the launch of the Xbox Series S and its Game Pass service with an otherwordly cost-benefit, he has re-entered the world of gaming, eager because he knew that FFVII Remake would eventually come to Microsoft's console.

The party leaving Midgar and wanting to go straight to Xbox Game Pass

However, to his and others' disbelief, ever since Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced as a timed-exclusive, many speculated that it would last a year at most. However, a year later - and two months - INTERGRADE popped a Jutsu and extended Sony's exclusivity for at least six months. Come on, Squeenix, give my cousin and other Xbox owners a slack.

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But digressing aside, a perceptive Twitter user, @HazzadorGamin, spotted an Xbox China tweet with a poll and screenshot it before it was deleted. The poll had names of female characters present on the lineup of Xbox games like Senua from Hell's Blade and Yennefer from Witcher. Curiously enough, Tifa, as in Lockhart, was among them. Considering that Final Fantasy VII Remake isn't available to Xbox thus far, it seriously bugged the hell out of Hazzador and everyone else who read his tweet.

The tweet was about the Xbox's 20th anniversary, which will have its own commemorative live stream on November 15 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT. Microsoft said no new games will be announced on occasion, but Final Fantasy VII Remake isn't a new game, is it?

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After the tweet was deleted, Xbox China posted the poll again but removed Tifa's name. Maybe it was all a teasing mistake, or someone really messed up and let some information leak out ahead of time. Needless to say, take everything with not a grain but a jar of salt. But on the bright side, Xbox owners know that Final Fantasy VII Remake will eventually be released for their console. Anxiety may start to run high after December since it's when the timed exclusiveness ends. Still, surely an official announcement about the game's coming would help calm the spirits and get many fans excited to open their wallets - or subscribe to Game Pass.

While we're at it, let's discuss another platform within the same multinational. A past listing leak claimed that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be coming to PC through Epic Games. At the time, the list included Final Fantasy VII Remake and Alan Wake Remastered, which, as everyone knows, was released precisely by Epic. In the wake of such accurate information, people began to think FFVII on Epic was only a matter of time.

It wouldn't be surprising to see Cloud and his party debuting their new three-dimensional pixels through Epic. Moreover, Square Enix appears to be quite intimate with the digital storefront since it distributed the entire Kingdom Hearts series through Epic, and so far, there are no reports of Keyblade wielders jumping into Steam's world.

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