Square Enix is Working on a Final Fantasy 9 Animated Series

One of the best Final Fantasy games of all time (the best if we go by Metacritic) is getting an animated series.

Vivi and Garnet are just two of the many reasons why FF9 is so beloved among fans.

Square Enix, in collaboration with French Cyber Group Studios, is set to work on a Final Fantasy 9 animated series, which will see Zidane and Garnet's unlikely tale of saving, not just the universe, but the entire multiverse, come to animated life.

Is the Final Fantasy 9 Animated Series Confirmed?

Final Fantasy 9 had a genuinely happy ending and a family-friendly story.

Final Fantasy IX or 9 told a story that is as prototypical of JRPGs as can get. It's a plot where a teenager suddenly finds himself in a role where he is the savior of the world. However, as standard as the plot can get, everything else about Final Fantasy IX was standard.

The game featured one of the weirdest but lovable video game companions in Quina, with its entire cast filled with quirky but memorable characters.

Now, it seems like the story of Final Fantasy 9 will be told in another medium.

According to Kidscreen, Cyber Group Studios and Square Enix have already signed the deal to collaborate and work together. In the meantime, a project bible is currently in the works as Cyber Group Studios goes around to pitch the show to broadcasters.

Anyone who might be more familiar with recent Final Fantasy games will find it surprising that the Final Fantasy 9 animated series is in the hands of a studio that distributes and produces child-friendly shows. However, believe it or not, Final Fantasy 9 actually had a family-friendly plot. This makes it the perfect story to adapt for an audience that's likely to include kids aged 8 to 13 years old.

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When Is the Release Date of the Final Fantasy 9 Animated Series?

Kuja is a complicated villain and one of the few to actually succeed while expressing regret, as well as remorse, for all his actions.

At the moment, no information about episode count and length has been finalized for the Final Fantasy 9 animated series yet. However, according to Pierre Sissmann, the CEO of Cyber Group Studios, the goal is to start production in Q4 of 2021 or Q1 of 2022.

From there, we can assume that a 2023 premiere date for the Final Fantasy 9 animated series is a safe bet.

Final Fantasy XII was first released back in 2000 for the original PlayStation. Since then, it's become the stereotypical example of how to do a JRPG right. Even though the game doesn't receive as much love as Final Fantasy VII, an animated Final Fantasy 9 series is a good start.

If the Final Fantasy 9 animated series succeeds, Square Enix might end up releasing more content for Final Fantasy IX if not a remake.

Speaking of remakes, while an official remake of Final Fantasy IX is not available, it has since been remastered for modern consoles. Final Fantasy IX is available to play on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, as well as iOS and Android platforms with modern enhancements like HD character models and movies, among others.

Modders on the PC have also been hard at work at upscaling Final Fantasy IX, just in case you want a "better" way of experiencing the classic tale.

The past few years have definitely been huge for Square Enix outside of their usual big video game releases. In addition to the aforementioned Final Fantasy 9 animated series, Square Enix is working with Netflix on a Final Fantasy XIV live-action series and Final Fantasy VII Remake animated series.

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