Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo to be at Tokyo Game Show 2023

Square Enix is gearing up for Tokyo Game Show on September 21-24 with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, once again, taking the center stage.

We have a feeling that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be dominating headlines a week from now again.

Square Enix, a name synonymous with some of gaming's most iconic JRPG franchises, will take to the Tokyo Game Show with a line-up that's turning heads and igniting fervent discussions among fans.

Scheduled to run from September 21-24, TGS is a platform where gaming's brightest stars will get a chance to showcase their ambitious visions, and this year, Square Enix's booth promises something special: an exclusive first-look and hands-on experience with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

The gaming giant announced that its booth would be home to the first-ever 100 test-play units for FFVII Rebirth, barely a week after it stole the spotlight at the September 2023 State of Play showcase.

For many avid gamers, this is a chance to immerse themselves in a world they've been eagerly anticipating. Moreover, a Final Fantasy VII Rebirth stage event will illuminate the main stage of TGS on September 23 at 1:00 PM JST, boasting insights from the game's developers and other special guests.

And while Square Enix has unveiled a lineup for TGS, the spotlight indisputably shines brightest on FF7 Rebirth. As the second installment in the ambitious Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy, Rebirth has been the topic of much speculation over the past few months.

How is Zack Fair going to factor into the story of FF7 Rebirth? Is it true that FF7 Rebirth will end with a new protagonist? Are we going to see FF7 Rebirth hit the PC just three months after its PS5-exclusive launch? What about a possible Xbox port

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's story remains largely unchanged from the original material, at least based on the trailers alone.

These are questions that aren't likely going to be answered until after the release of FF7 Rebirth but it wouldn't hurt to hope for an answer at TGS next week.

Going back to the topic of FF7 Rebirth's arrival on non-PlayStation platforms, there's speculation about the game's more widespread availability as early as the latter half of 2024. While the suspense for the wider availability continues, Tetsuya Nomura, via the FF7 X/Twitter account, further stoked fans' excitement.

With a message expressing gratitude, he highlighted a forthcoming trailer showcasing the game's diverse world and the much-anticipated TGS test play and stage show.

There's an ongoing theory that Cloud and the rest of the crew will meet different variations of Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Yet, the allure of Square Enix's offerings at TGS doesn't end with FF7 Rebirth. Games like Star Ocean: The Second Story R and Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, which recently premiered their demos post a Nintendo Direct presentation, are also slated to draw attention.

Amid the excitement around Square Enix's lineup, there's a collective yearning among fans for a peek into the enigmatic Kingdom Hearts 4. Notably, a fresh trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link has been teased for unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show. With this reveal being a part of "Disney's 100 Years of Wonder" celebration, the anticipation is understandable if expected.

In the age of rapid digital dissemination, gaming enthusiasts are speculating that the demo of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth at TGS is bound to find its way online. Given Square Enix's history of gracing fans with pre-launch demos of their flagship games, there's rising optimism that the TGS demo could be what gamers globally get to experience ahead of the official release.

Some believe that the whispers in the FF7 Remake trilogy are the machinations of Jenova.

With hope in their hearts, fans are holding out for a potential demo release as early as January, a treat to kickstart 2024.

Square Enix's impending showcase at TGS 2023 seems poised to be a melting pot of nostalgia, innovation, and a testament to the evolving art of interactive storytelling.

As the gaming community globally counts down to the event, the consensus is clear: Tokyo Game Show 2023 might just be the most memorable one yet.

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