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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is coming out in two discs in Early 2024

This means that you'll have to delete most of your games on the PlayStation 5 to make room for FF7 Rebirth next year.

Cloud Strife's five-year absence has been put into question by the party, suggesting that we'll be getting these sorts of conversation more in FF7 Rebirth as the group ventures out into Gaia.

Somewhere out there, Western Digital and Seagate are smiling. Why? Because Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is expected to take up most if not all the storage space of the PlayStation 5 once it comes out next year.

In a truly epic trailer revealed at this year's Summer Game Fest, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the much-anticipated sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, appeared following a week of intense Twitter marketing.

Square Enix confirmed that the next chapter of the FF7 Remake trilogy would launch exclusively on the PS5 in early 2024.

Rebirth's narrative continues directly after the climactic showdown with Sephiroth in the Remake. The latest trailer shows our heroes' first steps outside Midgar and into the breathtaking world of Gaia. The game introduces some radical narrative deviations from the original FF7, positioning it as an alternate story full of surprising twists and unique plot developments.

One of the bigger surprises revealed was the playable status of Red XIII, adding an extra layer of depth and diversity to the gameplay. Familiar faces such as Elena joining the Turks, and Yuffie, the fiery Wutai ninja, will officially join the party, adding to the complex web of narratives spinning out of the core plot.

FF7 Rebirth will delve into some pretty complicated matters that long-time fans of the series will absolutely love to know more about.

The exploration of the Lifestream, the existential crisis around Sephiroth's return, and intriguing disparities between realities all highlight the fresh storyline that is not bound to the events of the original Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's co-director, Motomu Toriyama, further emphasized this, stating that Rebirth will be an even bigger divergence from the story of the original. This alternate journey is expected to conclude in the untitled third game of the trilogy.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating revelations is that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come on two discs, a first for a PS5 game. Given the impressive storage capabilities of a single Blu-ray disc, this indicates that Rebirth is set to be a mammoth-sized experience. The thought of how grand this chapter will be is both exciting and daunting, as it suggests a potential game size of up to 200GB. For those keen to get ahead of the curve, investing in an SSD for your PS5 might be advisable.

With the first game establishing a new continuity for the series, Rebirth promises to expand upon this, offering an "even more gripping and memorable experience" than its predecessor. The game was confirmed to be in full production as of June last year, and the level of detail and depth already displayed in the trailer reflects the careful crafting and dedication of the development team.

Fans are still wondering what the future holds for Aerith in the new remake trilogy.

The latest FF7 Rebirth gameplay footage shows Cloud and his crew exploring various landscapes, from vast fields to industrial complexes, with additional companions such as Yuffie from the Intergrade DLC and fan-favorite Red XIII, whose abilities include a Vengeance Mode. Additionally, the team can be seen navigating through ruins on the backs of chocobos, adding a fun and nostalgic element to the gameplay.

In what seems like a direct nod to the original FF7, the two-disc sequel will feature scenes from Cosmo Canyon, Nibelheim, and the tumultuous events that follow. The Turks make their return, and we are given glimpses of a boss fight against Jenova, keeping fans on their toes and building anticipation for the battles to come.

Indeed, this is not the Final Fantasy 7 you know, but a rebirth of the classic story set to challenge all your preconceptions about the game.

Sephiroth's eye color has been hinting at a possibly different "version" of the One-Winged Angel appearing in FF7 Rebirth.

With Rebirth being the second chapter of a planned trilogy, fans can expect even more surprises in the future.

This is a new and exciting era for Final Fantasy, and we eagerly await what the final chapter will bring.

For now, fans can look forward to playing Final Fantasy 16 on June 22 with the demo possibly coming on June 11.

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