Final Fantasy 16 rated in Brazil ahead of potential release date reveal

Square Enix is scheduled to announce FF16's release date before the end of the year.

Square Enix continues to stay silent about when Final Fantasy 16 will come out. But, even if the Japanese video game publisher is very quiet on that end, it has no control over other factors such as leaks and official info coming straight from other sources, such as rating boards. This time around, the next mainline installment in the Final Fantasy series has been rated in Brazil, the second time this month this has happened.

Final Fantasy Rated Brazil Scaled
Final Fantasy 16 is expected to launch within the first half of next year.

Gematsu claims that the upcoming action RPG has received a 16+ rating in Brazil, which is lower than the 18+ provisional rating it received in Europe.

Video game ratings are usually an indication that a game is getting closer to its launch. This is especially the case when more than one rating appears online. In FF16's case, a release date for the game is a long time coming. After being confirmed two years ago, Square Enix has slowly been peeling back the layers from the game in recent months.

For example, the game's producer, Naoki Yoshida, mentioned that we'll be getting a new trailer in October, which we eventually got.

In addition, Sony revealed in an ad for the PSVR2 that the game's exclusivity period on the PS5 will only last for six months. Finally, there are rumors suggesting that pre-orders for FF16 will go live on or before The Game Awards by next Thursday, December 8.

If nothing else, The Game Awards is the perfect avenue for Square Enix to unveil the release date for FF16.

Final Fantasy Rated Brazil
Final Fantasy 16 is the first new mainline installment in the franchise since 2016.

As we wait for FF16 to come out, fans can look forward to two JRPGs from Square Enix that will launch in the next few weeks. The first one, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, will be available on December 13. Finally, the next, Forspoken, will hit store shelves on January 24 after being hit by a strategic delay.

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