It looks like a Final Fantasy 16 PC port is not happening at all

The game's producer just poked fun at those hoping to play Final Fantasy 16 on the PC.

final fantasy pc port not happening
Final Fantasy 16 is just one of the many exclusives that's coming to the PS5 this year.

"Go and buy a PS5 to play Final Fantasy 16" is pretty much the gist of Naoki Yoshida's comments about the Final Fantasy 16 PC port.

It's been an open secret that Square Enix will eventually port Final Fantasy 16 to the PC after releasing for some time on the PlayStation 5 - don't expect it on the Xbox Series S/X though - but Yoshida's most recent comments (jovial ones, if we may add) sparked some confusion about the "unconfirmed" PC port. The specific clip sees Yoshida commenting that nobody said anything about a PC port for Final Fantasy 16 and interested gamers should buy a PS5 instead.

Multiple translations from different sites all yield the same thought, which has led some fans to wonder if the PC port will come.

For what it's worth, the original reveal trailer of Final Fantasy 16 confirmed that a PC port is in the pipeline while PlayStation later came out with a video ad stating that FF16 will only be exclusive to the PS5 for six months.

final fantasy pc port not happening
Final Fantasy 16 will look even more awesome on the PC once the port is out.

So, it's best to take Yoshida's most recent comments in jest - the humor was likely lost in translation.

Of course, Square Enix could choose not to release the upcoming RPG game on any other platform at the end of the year. This is certainly what Microsoft has been hinting at in one of its latest reports. But, it wouldn't make sense for Final Fantasy 16 not to be on the PC when every other mainline Final Fantasy game is on the digital games distribution platform. It might have taken nearly 2 years for Final Fantasy 15 to be available on the PC but the point remains. Not to mention, the majority of Square Enix's biggest hitters, like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise, have been available on the PC platform for some time.

Also, it would make sense for Yoshida to joke about buying a PS5 to play Final Fantasy 16. Square Enix is making the game for Sony's flagship console, with Yoshida boasting about how FF16 will make the most out of the PS5.

Besides, Square Enix and Sony are chummy with each other, so the least Yoshida can do is nudge consumers toward buying the now-more-widely-available PlayStation 5.

final fantasy pc port not happening
Expectations are high for Final Fantasy 16 to put the mainline Final Fantasy games back on top.

If nothing else, we'll find out more about what Square Enix has planned for Final Fantasy 16 once it's available on the PS5 on June 22.

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