Final Fantasy 16 gets gameplay trailer and release date at The Game Awards

The latest trailer for Final Fantasy 16 also revealed this game's take on one of the series' longest-running characters, Cid.

Final Fantasy Gameplay Trailer Release Date The Game Awards
It looks like Final Fantasy 16 is going to live up to its "M" rating.

Final Fantasy 16 is out for "Revenge", or at least, that's the name of the game's latest trailer that debuted at The Game Awards.

As promised, the FF16's producer, Naoki Yoshida, was present at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles to unveil the new trailer for his upcoming project. On top of giving us a look at the game's more mature content, the trailer was literally packed full of action. It's easily our best look at the real-time action-oriented combat system of Final Fantasy 16. Finally, it gives us what we've all been waiting for all along - the release date.

According to the "Revenge" trailer, Final Fantasy 16 will be out on June 22, which is in line with the earlier rumors.

The release date announcement of Final Fantasy 16 is what you'd consider the highest point of the exciting ride that Square Enix took us on when it announced the game back in 2020. But, unlike its predecessor, the development of Final Fantasy 16 is much more streamlined and standard. This is likely the result of the massive corporate restructuring Square Enix had gone through a few years ago.

For the past two years, it's tried to hold back on revealing too much info on Final Fantasy 16, only giving it a generic Summer 2023 window. But, now that we know when it's coming out, we can finally look forward to what's easily the biggest year for Final Fantasy in many years.

Keep in mind that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is also coming out at the tail end of next year and we're pretty sure Yoshi-P won't leave Final Fantasy 14 hanging, despite having his hands full with putting on the finishing touches on Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy Gameplay Trailer Release Date The Game Awards
Next year is going to be huge for Final Fantasy as two big games in the franchise are coming out in the same year.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, there are at least two games you can play until Final Fantasy 16 that just might scratch that itch. The more traditional FF fans can look forward to playing the Crisis Core remake on December 13. Meanwhile, Luminous Productions' ambitious FF-like open-world RPG, Forspoken, has a demo on the PS5 out right now that you can enjoy ahead of its launch on January 24.

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