FIFA 23 accidentally leaked to Xbox

The accidental release is one month ahead of schedule and caused a massive information leak.

The premature release is a massive gaffe for EA.
The premature release is a massive gaffe for EA.

It is not often that we get a full game released ahead of schedule. We often hear of delays and glitches, but having a game one month earlier than scheduled is surprising.

Such is the case with FIFA 23. Players who pre-loaded FIFA 23 found a welcome surprise as they gained access to the full game earlier today. Players even had the chance to stream the game before the FIFA Ultimate Team servers had unusually high traffic and blocked them.

According to reports, those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game got early access to the game for a brief period before servers were shut down. The premature release was accidental and fans have been speculating as to how it happened. Some suggest that a part of the player base that participated in the recent beta test updated their game and it gave them full access to FIFA 23’s final modes. The mistake from EA has leaked information to the public like player ratings, stadiums, and uniforms.

This is definitely not the way EA wanted to start its final FIFA game.

Leak central

Players who gained early access to FIFA shared details about the upcoming football sim on social media. The internet is currently full of leaks about FIFA 23, so be warned.

For what it's worth, the FIFA 23 leaks aren't totally surprising. For example, the highest-rated athlete is Kylian Mbappé, who will appear on the cover of the game. The other athletes with a similar 91 rating are Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, and Robert Lewandowski. Meanwhile, Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, and Cristiano Ronaldo, each have a 90 rating.

Hopefully, the football players featured in the leak would not be upset with their player ratings. Recently, the Denver Broncos released a video of their players reacting to the player ratings they were given on Madden 23.

The entire 56-song playlist for FIFA 23 has come out through the premature release.

What was EA's reaction to the FIFA 23 leak?

Players got a massive haul of leaked information for FIFA '23.
Players got a massive haul of leaked information for FIFA 23.

EA has reportedly taken action against players who played the game early and streamed the game or posted videos. There are reports of EA banning those who leaked the gameplay based on identifiable usernames. Twitch streams of the game have been terminated by the platform and the videos were removed.

The FIFA 23 online servers have been shut down in response to the premature release. It is unclear whether the offline portion which some players still have access will also be taken down.

This is a very huge fumble by EA as they have traditionally partnered with Football clubs to market the game ahead of release. The gaffe may also cause some gamers to hold off on purchasing the game.

FIFA 23 isn't expected to come out until September 30. Those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition will get early access.

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