FFAR 1 Custom Class Loadout For Warzone

Below is our recommended FFAR 1 loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

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The FFAR has recently gotten the recognition it deserves. Not a lot of people were aware of how powerful this assault rifle (AR) actually is. It has an insanely fast Time-To-Kill (TTK), despite what the stats say. You will feel the difference when using this AR in-game.

The TTK of the FFAR is up there with the MAC-10 TTK. The downside of using this weapon is that it doesn't have a very good range and is best at close to medium range. If you are good at controlling this gun's recoil, you may try slightly distant targets. It would be best to pair it up with a long-ranged weapon such as a sniper rifle or another reliable AR. As far as sniper rifles go, the Kar98k is the best option for mobility, accuracy, and damage.

Although the FFAR has high recoil given its high rate of fire (900 RPM), in this build, we will show you how you can build it to have minimum recoil, but with mobility so that you may act swiftly in close quarter combat (CQC) engagement. We will maximize this weapon's CQC capabilities; hence, this build is a "semi-SMG" build.

You must rank up your FFAR to at least level 54 for this class setup. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. You can also check out our guide on all the attachments for every Cold War weapon in Warzone, along with their unlock level requirements.

Before you jump into the attachments themselves, note that the Cold War weapon attachments do not work as described in-game as of now (16th February 2021). They have a lot of hidden buffs and nerfs. If any of the attachments doesn't make sense to you, that is probably the reason. Don't worry, though, as we will walk you through all the hidden features each of these attachments have and how they affect the weapon stats.

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For the Muzzle attachment, we recommend choosing the SOCOM eliminator. Yes, this will give away your position, but it does wonders when it comes to eliminating your weapon's recoil when combined with the Field Agent Grip as your Underbarrel attachment. If you still prefer anonymity over recoil control, you may choose the Agency Suppressor.

The SOCOM eliminator reduces your vertical recoil by 22% but slightly increases your horizontal recoil by 5%. The slight increase in horizontal recoil will also be eliminated as we go down to our Underbarrel attachment.

The SOCOM eliminator unlocks at level 38.


Typically, we choose the most extended Barrel available for a weapon to suit the Warzone gameplay style. For the Barrel attachment, we recommend going with the 21.2" Ranger Barrel. This Barrel will turn your weapon into an absolute laser beam as it increases your bullet velocity by 57%. Although it decreases your ADS speed by 2%, it is not that noticeable.

You may argue that 19.5" Task Force is a better Barrel, but you need to consider the ridiculously high vertical recoil you get when using that Barrel attachment. It increases the recoil by 23%, canceling out the vertical recoil reduction of 22% you get from the SOCOM eliminator. On top of that, your bullet velocity also increases by only 37% instead of the huge +57% that the 21.2" Ranger Barrel offers.

The 21.2" Ranger Barrel attachment unlocks at level 30.


Coming to the Underbarrel attachment, as we've mentioned before, you must select the Field Agent Grip. This is one of the best Underbarrel attachments in Warzone for the Cold War weapons.

It decreases your vertical recoil by 7% and your horizontal recoil by 15%. The 5% horizontal bounce you got from the SOCOM eliminator is now compensated thanks to the Field Agent Grip Underbarrel attachment.

The Field Agent FGoregrip unlocks at level 41.


The FFAR has a speedy rate of fire (900 RPM) and, by default, holds 25 bullets in a magazine. This is not a lot, not enough for multiplayer, let alone Warzone. With the FFAR's rate of fire, you will be emptying your magazines after every few seconds.

You must select the Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag as your Ammunition attachment, which increases your maximum ammo carrying capacity to 50 rounds. It also increases your reload speed. This decreases your reloading time from around 2.49s to 1.83s.

Thanks to this weapon's fire rate and decent damage, you can easily take out a team of two or three if you're super accurate with your shots. The Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag unlocks at level 51.


The last attachment you must select is the Raider Stock attachment, for a better sprint to fire speed and moving speed while aiming down sight (strafing). The Raider Stock attachment decreases the sprint to fire time by 84ms. The default sprint to fire speed of the FFAR is 263ms, which means after the Raider Stock, it decreases down to 179ms.

It also increases your strafing speed by 39%. Interestingly enough, this Stock attachment also decreases your "tactical sprint to fire" time considerably. Tactical sprint to fire speed determines how fast you will transition to the firing stance when you have a tactical sprint. The default tactical sprint to fire speed is about 392ms. The Raider Stock decreases that by 117ms, bringing it down to 275ms.

Unfortunately, the hip-fire accuracy slightly decreases due to this stock attachment. The Raider Stock attachment unlocks at level 54.

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