FF7 Remake Anime Produced by Netflix Reportedly in the Works

Netflix is quickly becoming one of the go-to channels for video game anime adaptations.

The FF7 Remake anime will reportedly be set before and during the events of the game.

Just earlier this year, Netflix welcomed DOTA: Dragon's Blood, which topped the viewing charts in numerous countries for weeks. Meanwhile, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is set to release on the streaming platform in the next couple of months with League of Legends' Arcane also scheduled for a fall 2021 premiere.

Now it seems like you can add a Final Fantasy 7 Remake anime to its list of upcoming video game anime adaptations.

Is the FF7 Remake Anime Produced by Netflix Confirmed?

Because of how the FF7 Remake changes the original story, the rumored anime has plenty of material to work and experiment with.

First things first, nothing is confirmed yet at the moment. All the information that we have to go on about the FF7 Remake anime produced by Netflix is a post on 4chan. So, we'd like to recommend that you take the information below with a grain of salt.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can move on to the actual meat of the leaked information, which comes from a user going by the handle of Ethyn on 4chan.

According to Ethyn, Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura is currently directing an FF7 Remake anime that will premiere on Netflix. The user explains that the FF7 Remake anime will tell "new stories that intertwine with the plot and events of the main game."

The FF7 Remake anime will also reportedly be split into two sections. The first section will tell stories set before the events of the FF7 Remake. Meanwhile, the second section will tell events happening in parallel with the events of the game.

On top of this, Ethyn also claims that Nomura is directing a CGI-animated Kingdom Hearts anime. However, unlike the FF7 remake, the Kingdom Hearts anime will be shorter. At the same, it's also going to be more complex, which somehow makes sense. Ethyn explains that the description of the Kingdom Hearts anime states that the anime will combine events from Kingdom Hearts Union X, Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts 3.

As we've mentioned, there's no credible leak or source for this information outside of the 4chan post. This means that there's a huge chance that it could all turn out to be false. Right now, what's confirmed is that an FFXIV live-action TV series adaptation is in the works and Ethyn's post does mention the project, saying that it is "in the final stages of making."

All things considered, even if this isn't true, an FF7 Remake anime does make sense.

After the release of FF7 Remake Part 1, Nomura stepped down and gave the proverbial reigns to Naoku Hamaguchi. Considering that Nomura did mention earlier in February that he's working on multiple projects at the moment, the FF7 Remake anime could very well be one of those said projects.

Even if the FF7 Remake anime isn't true, the FF7 Remake universe is turning out to be just as big as the original FF7 if not bigger. In addition to FF7 Remake Part 1, there are multiple games set in the same universe in the works. This includes Ever Crisis, The First Soldier, Integrade, and a remaster of Advent Children.

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