February Nintendo Direct rumored to feature Mario Kart 9 reveal

The recent reports suggest that a Mario Kart 9 reveal is coming in the next few weeks.

Nintendo is like the Marvel Studios of video games - the console manufacturer keeps a tight lid on all of its secrets. However, now and then, an insider will get a whiff of classified Nintendo information. In this particular case, the latest word on the grapevine suggests that a Mario Kart 9 reveal is coming.

February Nintendo Direct Mario Kart Reveal
Mario Kart 8 set a pretty high bar that Mario Kart 9 will have to match if not exceed right off the starting line.

2014's Mario Kart 8 was arguably the series' most ambitious outing yet. In addition to the friendship-destroying fast-paced racing that fans have come to love, Mario Kart 8 also crossed over with Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, and Splatoon. After several re-releases and new editions over the years, it appears that Nintendo is finally ready to move on after 8 long years.

Nintendo is expected to host its first Nintendo Direct showcase within the next few weeks. Although the company itself has not confirmed this, similar to Sony with its State of Play event, fans know that  Nintendo Direct every February is a matter of when and not if. Because of this, speculations about what the unannounced event would feature, with many saying that it will include a potential Mario Kart 9 reveal.

February Nintendo Direct Mario Kart Reveal
Mario Kart 9 is long overdue, but most fans wouldn't mind if Nintendo didn't release it this year if it means taking more time to polish gameplay.

According to Zippo, "if you made Super Bowl sized money bets on this new Mario Kart not being real, you're going to be out of a lot of money." The popular leaker is talking about how February 2022's Nintendo Direct will include Mario Kart 9.

Of course, as reputable as Zippo as an industry insider, you just have to take his word for what it is - a form of speculation. Unless we receive official confirmation from Nintendo, the fate of Mario Kart 9 remains in limbo. The good news is that we're already in February. If Nintendo intends to host a Nintendo Direct this month, we should see an announcement soon. Among the games fans are expecting to see at this year's first Nintendo Direct include Kirby and the Forgotten Land and a new Fire Emblem game.

In other Nintendo news, Techland just confirmed that Dying Light 2's Switch version will be delayed to late 2022. Meanwhile, Nintendo Japan President Shuntaro Furukawa warned fans to expect a Nintendo Switch shortage in 2022.

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